Albie Irene Oakland Duncan

1886 Albie OaklandAlbie Irene Oakland, my maternal grandmother, comes from our Norwegian ancestors.  The original surname was Egeland.  Albie was the first child for Mary Ann Sanderson and Thomas Lewis Oakland.  Her parents and her younger siblings were born in northern Illinois.  But Albie was born 24 July 1888 in Athol, Spink county, Dakota Territory (now South Dakota).  I cannot say for sure why the family was there at that time.  There were other Oaklands in the area; most of them moved on to Montana.  Our family went back to northern Illinois.  Dakota Territory was a rough place with brutal weather – maybe that’s the answer.

Eber, Milo, and Albie Oakland

Eber, Milo, and Albie Oakland

Albie had younger brothers, Eber Stanley Oakland, born 15 June 1890 in Plano, Kendall county, Illinois; and Milo Thomas Oakland, born 22 December1893 in Lee, Illinois.  Another girl was born Hazel May Oakland 1 June 1892 in Lee, Illinois, but she died 3 weeks later.

albie's vase 1One of my favorite inheritances was the vase that Albie made in 1909.  It had obviously been used, but still was strong.

albie's vase rev

1911 albie wedding dress

Albie with Barbara 1919

Albie with Barbara 1919

On 21 June 1911, she married her high school beau, Thomas Leroy Duncan in Sycamore, Illinois.  They had three daughters, Helen Annette, Harriet Lorraine, and Barbara Jean.

Albie and Roy on the left.

Albie and Roy on the left.

From all the stories my mother told I learned that they were an active, fun family.

albie bowling

This didn’t last as Albie was diagnosed with liver cancer.  She died 20 June 1927, one day short of her 16th wedding anniversary.

albie's services

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  7. This was so wonderful to find on google! My Uncle David Oakland discovered this. My gradnfather is Milo Thomas Oakland jr. I am pregnant with my first child and wanted to give her a family name- Albie.
    Thank you for the wonderful pictures, I have one of her I will need to scan for you.



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