Grandma’s Bells

bell collection

Just a few of Grandma’s bells.


Ruth Bressler Claycomb collected bells.  She bought a bell when she travelled and her family brought bells to her from their travels.

Although she spent her married life as a farmer’s wife, she had been educated more than most women of her time.  She was born in Wayne, Nebraska where her father was a founder of the community.  He had come from Pennsylvania and Ruth and her sisters, Kate and Maude, were sent to the Birmingham School for Girls there for further education.  The school was previously called The Mountain Seminary and College Preparatory School for Girls and is now called The Grier School.  This was not a finishing school, this was a serious academic institution.  Cousin Nell discovered that Ruth and Kate attended from 1903 to 1906.  Ruth was often on the Honor Roll, was treasurer of the YWCA Club, VP of the New Era Literary Club, and  basketball captain.  Her grandson, Tom, has her diploma.

In 1912 Ruth married Amos Claycomb and they lived in Illinois where their first child, John, was born.  In 1916 after Frank was born they moved to Wayne.  George was the first child born there.  Barbara and Richard followed.  As adults the children moved away.  Frank and Barbara moved to California.  John, George, and Richard travelled in the military in WWII.  George returned to help on the family farm.  John moved to Wisconsin and Richard moved to the east coast.  Their travels and Grandma’s visits to them resulted in more bells added to the collection.

Amos died in 1958.  With George, Ruth lived on the farm until her death in 1972.

Her bells are now being shared by her descendants.  They continue to travel.



4 thoughts on “Grandma’s Bells

  1. A bell collection, how unique! My Nana had a brass bell tied, by string, to her front door. It is nice that Ruth had a collection so the family can share it now.
    I discovered your blog through Geneabloggers & am glad I visited!


  2. The old bells are lovely. This post brings back memories of a brass bell my mother had. Whenever anyone left a note on the kitchen table, they’d weight it down with that old brass bell.



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