F. A. Dearborn House Wayne Nebraska

unknown houseSometimes family heirlooms go down the ‘wrong’ branch.  An in-law or second spouse ends up with your family photos.  After a few generations it’s as if they didn’t exist.  This is a photo on which my grandmother wrote “F. A. Dearborn 1892” and later added a street address.  There are no Dearborns in our family.  In her town of Wayne, Nebraska there is a Pearl Street and a Logan Street near downtown.  The town was founded in 1881, so I wouldn’t expect many buildings by 1892.   The houses in this photos are spread apart, but are quite large.

unknown house rev

The mystery for me is who is F. A. Dearborn.  I have found in state and federal censuses a Frank A. Dearborn who lived in Wayne in 1885 and 1900.  I’ve sent an email to a researcher who lists that name in her family tree.  I hope it is her family.  This photo needs to go to its home.

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  1. Had a similar situation after inheriting hundreds of photos. Thanks to the Internet and the growing interest of doing family tree research, I found the couples’ granddaughter and sent her the two photos! She was happy to see photos that she had never seen before relating to her family. It seems the families were neighbors briefly. Good luck and I hope that person responds!


  2. Ruth Bessler was 15 and Frank was 39 in 1900 so I wonder if she babysat for them as she lived just 22 houses down from them in the 1900 census count. Of course she could have lived just down the road from him but the census taker might have gone up one side of the street and then down the other side. He also recorded them on two different days which might mean they were on different streets, but since he didn’t list house number in the 1900 census record it is hard to tell. Franks daughter is Nellie Dearborn age 12 in 1900, so I wonder if Ruth and Nellie were friends, it is interesting that she wrote F. A. Dearborn and not Nellie.

    I was intrigued by your story so I started a tree for Frank to see what I could find; I love a good mystery. I will let you know if I find anymore interesting information, such as both families moved to Chicago and Frank died there while Ruth and her husband moved back to Wayne.

    Thanks for the piece, and for visiting my blog.
    Take Care.


  3. Eureka! Frank A. Dearborn was my aunt Martha Jane Dearborn’s grandfather. I just logged onto Ancestry.com after taking a break from genealogy, and found your message and one from Jose Muñoz too – such acts of genealogical generosity! My aunt’s father was Luther Dearborn, who was born in Illinois in 1890, but his younger brother Henry, and sister Dorothy were born in Wayne. I’m sure my aunt Martha will be tickled to see her grandparent’s home and perhaps she can get the photo to Henry or Dorothy’s descendants!


      • Thank you Donna! I just emailed my cousins Charlie and Lindee to let them know about the discovery of their great-grandparents’ house! I emailed you on Ancestry since I didn’t see your email address here. And meanwhile, thank you not only for the random act of genealogical kindness, but also for the inspiration of what a family genealogy site could look like. I’m thinking of setting up a blog like this for both sides of my family, could be fun to post pictures, stories, recipes, etc. My Mom and sister are just returning from a family reunion with our Iowa family, where many tales are told of life in the 1930’s on the farm. By the way, my father’s side of the family also has a Sycamore/DeKalb connection…not at all related to the Wayne NE folks. The Ruddocks/Solomons (my father’s grandmother’s family) lived there from around 1850-1880’s. Cheers, and thanks again!!!


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  5. Fourteen months later we are still getting info on this family.

    Madien name of Mary Boyd is Paisley
    [mother of Dora Ann Boyd who is spouse of F. A. Dearborn]

    Nancy Poquette
    added this on 20 Apr 2014

    Hi, Mrs. mary Boyd’s maiden name should be Paisley, based on the following marriage record:

    ILLINOIS MARRIAGES: Name: Abner C. Boyd Spouse Name: Mary E. Paisley Marriage Date: Dec 22, 1859 Marriage County: Bond Co, IL.

    Once you correct it,
    you will likely be pleased to learn

    that Mary Elizabeth Paisley is descended from Wm. Paisley, Blackhawk War soldier, John Paisley, her grandfather, and Wm. Paisley, Revolutionary War soldier, her great grandfather.

    You can see my tree for this line of descent to Mary: http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/41975098/person/19706426287 Happy hunting!


  6. Update 20Apr2014, I received a message on my Ancestry.com account after sending her a message telling her I had posted her comment on this blog.

    Nancy Poquette Wow,
    Thanks, Jose, impressive website, and great follow-up!! A while back, I was contacted by a researcher who was unrelated, Randy Thomas Cone. He contacted me because he had found a notebook full of notes and photographs in an antique shop. Because I had posted the woman [Sylva Dell Wilson Partridge] on my Paisley family tree, he contacted me, bought the notebook at my request and sent it to me. It lived up to my expectations, and all of those images are now posted on my Ancestry tree. In different family line, I was contacted by an archivist with whom I had left my name and email. She was cruising through another antiques store in another state, and found a baggie full of tintypes which included several folks whom I had posted to Ancestry. Again, at my request, she put me in touch with the shop owner, and I purchased the baggie full of tintypes. It was a good price, 10 labeled tintypes for $100. We meet some very nice folks online. Thanks for directing me to your blog site. I will post those photos where they belong in the Paisley line.
    Cheers! Nancy Poquette



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