Claycomb Family 1919 Sycamore Illinois


This photo was taken at the same time as those in my post last week.

To the best of my knowledge these are the folks in it:

Back Row L-R:  Evangeline Shattuck Claycomb (2nd wife of F.E. Claycomb) holding Barbara Claycomb (daughter of Amos and Ruth)
Barbara Tapper (daughter of Will Tapper and 2nd wife Lorene Sidey)
Isabelle Peake Claycomb (wife of Edward)
Arthur B. Gochenour (husband of Eleanor Claycomb)
Jane Tapper (daughter of Will and Mary ((deceased)) Tapper)
Helen Quarles Claycomb (wife of George)
L. Ray Love (husband of Louise Claycomb)

Middle Rows L-R:  Frank E. Claycomb holding Phoebe Love (daughter of Ray and Louise)
Ruth Bressler Claycomb (wife of Amos)
(older woman below Ruth): Sarah Ann Goddard Claycomb (widow of G.W. and mother of F.E.) Matriarch of this family.
Amos Claycomb (son of F.E., husband of Ruth)
(above and to the right of Amos):  Edward D. Claycomb (son of F.E., husband of Isabelle)
Eleanor Claycomb Gochenour (daughter of F.E., wife of Arthur)
George F. Claycomb (son of F.E., husband of Helen)
Alta Louise Love (daughter of F.E., wife of Ray)

Bottom Row L-R:  John B. Claycomb (son of Amos and Ruth)
Mary Lou Gochenour (daughter of Arthur and Eleanor)
Elizabeth Love (daughter of Ray and Louise)
Ralph Claycomb (son of George and Helen)
Pete Claycomb (son of George and Helen)
George Edward (son of Amos and Ruth)
Anne T. Gochenour (holding her mother, Louise’s hand)
Frank E. Claycomb (son of Amos and Ruth)
Frank Claycomb Gochenour (son of Arthur and Eleanor)

I based the date of the photo as 1919 on young Barbara (baby in back row) who was born in December 1918.

8 thoughts on “Claycomb Family 1919 Sycamore Illinois

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    • I will find the address for you – I thought it would be easy, but I can’t find it right now. Arthur Gochenour lived there in the 20s. I think it was for sale when I was there in 1999. I’ll get back to you.


      • Now that you mentioned the name of Gochenour, I do believe this would be 724 W. State Street, Sycamore IL….a very fine home! Thanks so much…the reason I asked was that I am researching another home in Sycamore and your photo came up and then I was curious about what home was in your photo!


      • Glad you figured it out – I wasn’t able to! I do have more photos of this house. Maybe I can do a post on just it. It was a popular place for family group photos! Is your research available online – a blog maybe?


  2. A friend of mine lives near the house at 724 W. State and she knows the new owners. I am sure they would be interested in photos of the house and the family “back in the day.” I do not have a blog or any research….I just search for what is out there. The Joiner History Room’s page on Facebook is interesting, or a person can visit the Joiner History Room in the Sycamore Public Library. They have a link to all the old Sycamore newspapers.



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