1910 Illinois School Postcard

1910 pc school


This postcard was sent by my great-grandmother, Mary Ann Sanderson Oakland, to Mrs. Andrew Richolson.  They lived in the Lee / Stewart area of Illinois, so perhaps the school pictured is in that area, maybe even DeKalb.  With luck, someone familiar with the area will let me know!

1910 pc school rev signature


Lee 5-20-10  Dear Friend, If the weather is nice, we will go home with you from Sunday school next Sunday.  With Love, Your Friend, Mrs. Oakland.

3 thoughts on “1910 Illinois School Postcard

  1. What a wonderful building ! And hugh. I’d love to see what it looked like inside. Can’t imagine trying to keep it warm in the winter.


  2. That is the Lee School, District #165 in Willlow Creek township, Lee County, Illinois. This school was built in 1890. A newer school opened in 1936 and the building was sold at auction in May 1940. Photo and information from “Pictorial History of Lee County Schools” by Dana Fellows.



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