Cost of Raising Chickens 1945

cost of rc 1945

Abundance – a strange thing to complain about.  I have Dad’s ledgers and he kept track of everything.  The example today is the cost of keeping chickens in 1945.  In a way it’s fascinating to see the old prices and what was needed.

cost of rc jan

But I have too many of these things and have to admit that the next generation doesn’t yet care about the cost of poultry.  What can be done with them (the records, not the children)?

cost of rc jun

I’d be happy if our kids wanted the old photos and more popular items.  But what do I do with produce records, rabbit histories, and the chicken costs?

cost of rc full

1 thought on “Cost of Raising Chickens 1945

  1. What treasures you have in those ledgers. My parents also raised chickens in the 1940s. I’d love to have a window to peek into their lives during those years. To touch their handwriting, to see what was important to them and imagine what their world was like back then would be amazing.

    I also wonder if our children will be interested in those things we care about from bygone eras as well as the stories and facts that we’ve discovered about our parents, grandparents and other ancestors. We keep them informed of what we find, but they are often too busy with young families to do more than listen.

    All I know is that we are enjoying the journey ourselves and are preserving what we can of the documents. We are taking pictures of mementos and recording all the memories we can collect. Eventually, we will pass these along with the hope that the love of family history will be preserved, if not by our children, then by our grandchildren.



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