Red or White Flowers for Mother’s Day

hdc rbc rtc fec dlc roy mothers day 1966

Harriet Duncan Claycomb, Ruth Bressler Claycomb, Richard Claycomb, Frank Claycomb, Donna Claycomb, Roy Davis. 1966.

It was just the tradition when I was growing up, I never thought much about it.  On Mother’s Day you wore a red flower if your mother was living and a white one if she had died.  When I look at this photo taken in 1966, it makes me cry.  On the left, Mom, who was only 51 then, wears the white flower for her mother who died when Mom was 12.  Grandma Claycomb who wears a white flower which is to be expected as she is about 70.  Then come two of her sons, Richard and Frank, who get to wear red flowers and be with their mother.  I also get a red flower and get to be with my mom.  Uncle Roy, just at the edge of the photo would have been holding a white flower.

I had no idea then how precious it would be to be able to have the red flower.


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