Jeanie’s Birthday

My sister often celebrated her birthday during the Memorial Day weekend, so this is my salute to her birth of 74 years ago.

Do you still get the footprint (and mother's fingerprint) on these today?

Do you still get the footprint (and mother’s fingerprint) on these today?

jean formal 2She was born in Hollywood, California, but I can’t see the advantage of that!!  And she was the firstborn.  And as the youngest, I cannot see great shakes about being the oldest.


Jean and Tom with Dad

Jean's bd JDC TDC

One of Jeanie’s birthday parties. Tom on the left; Jeanie with the dark hair. I know that is an Army blanket they’re sitting on – scratchy!

She was definitely the prettiest.  And had that naturally curly hair that I could only dream of.

JDC HDC formal

Jeanie with Mom.

She was creative, considerate, lots of fun, and a great older sister.

amos jeanie oak dr b

Grandpa Claycomb with Jeanie, Lakeside, California.

pets jean polar

Jeanie with Polar, Lakeside, California

JDC sr photo

Jeanie’s Senior picture, Grossmont High School, 1956.

Her life was only 53 years long, hardly time to get things figured out.  I’m still working on it for myself.  Miss you, Sis.

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