Grandma Williams

Grandma Williams wasn’t a blood relative, but she became a friend to my parents when they lived in Pasadena, California in 1942.

I remember only one story about her that Mom told me when we were talking about psychic experiences.  Mom said that one night she woke up after seeing someone walk by the foot of the bed.  Dad awoke and asked what was wrong.  She told him, “It’s okay, it’s only Grandma Williams” and they went back to sleep.  They learned later that she had died that night.

grandma williams letter

I don’t know much about her.  She was Mrs. M G. Williams who may have had a daughter Mary and possibly sons, Gelen and Bennett.  These names are from a letter that she wrote to Mom in 1952 from Santa Rosa, California.  In Pasadena (1943) she lived at 454 Wordward Blvd.  I’ve dug through photos, but cannot find one with her name on it.

Something in me wants to make that friendship known, to keep it from ending, I guess, since I’m the only person in my family to know it existed.  So all I can do is put the information into the ethers of the internet.  Or depend on psychics to know about it!


3 thoughts on “Grandma Williams

  1. mionsiog on June 9, 2013 at 4:55 PM said:
    I read one of the blogs and decided to create a tree from the info. I started with Daniel Pierce and then added Phoebe Jane and her parents; Abijah and Sarah (Lane) Brundage. From this little tree I found 21 family trees and sent them a message giving them the link to your blog. I figured they would benefit from all your research. I have their Family tree names and links which I can send you if you like. I’ve enjoyed all your other posts. Thank You.


  2. Loved your entry on Grandma Williams. Just found a family tree on of Nora Wood, a woman my family lived with in the mid fifties. What a discover, Seeing her face again brought back so many good memories. I’ll add her to my family tree and find out how to list her relationship as my “Mimmie”, and a dear friend!



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