Dad Liked New Cars

pontiac orderMy father bought a 1937 Pontiac Coupe June 26, 1937.  I know because he kept the paperwork.  The shocking thing to me is that he traded in a 1936 Chevy (or Chrysler) sedan – it was just a year old!

He did get a good amount for trade-in so he paid only $230.45 cash for the new car.







pontiac invoice

And yet in 1938, he bought an Olds 6 and that I think was the car they drove from Detroit to California.

olds 6 order

Here’s one photo from that trip.  More photos are on an earlier post.  Do I have it identified correctly?

fec car nm 03-39 And then I think that having children and living through WWII brought an end to that extravagance.  But he loved getting a new car.

5 thoughts on “Dad Liked New Cars

  1. I just stumbled on your blog while working on my genealogy- I’m a descendant of Milo. I’d love to talk to you about the family history but I can’t find your email. Please email me- I’d love to chat!


  2. Is the question about Milo Sr. Oakland? My dad was a best friend of Milo Jr. and Milo was Best Man in my folks 1939 wedding.



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