Amos Claycomb’s April 1909 Diary

atc 040109Thursday, April 1, 1909
Saw game between Milwaukee and the varsity this p.m. which former won by Score of 4 – 3.  Studied tonight.

Friday, April 2, 1909
Rained a little this p.m. but we played ball for a short time in the park.  Read and finished “Peter” tonight.

1909 jan may introSaturday, April 3, 1909
Came to Bloomington tonight and called on Lucile Hodge.  Went to see the vaudeville at the “Castle.”  Staid at the Illinois Hotel tonight.

Sunday, April 4, 1909
Came back from Bloomington today by way of Decatur on the interurban.  Got here about two o’clock.

Monday, April 5, 1909
Saw game between Milwaukee and the Varsity this p.m.  Former won 6 – 0.  Fraternity meeting tonight.

Tuesday, April 6, 1909
Took A. Riley to see game between Milwaukee and varsity this p.m.  Game was stopped end of 5th inning because of rain.  Ill 6 – Mil. 1.  Went over to Illinois Theater tonight with Meek and Clemmons and saw “The Broken Idol.”

Wednesday, April 7, 1909
Milwaukee 8 – Illinois 2 this p.m.  Studied tonight.

Thursday, April 8, 1909
Started home at 1:20 this p.m. and left Chicago at 6:30.

Friday, April 9, 1909
Worked this a.m. down on the other place.  Went up town this p.m. and played billiards for a while.  Attended a smoker at the Commercial Club tonight.

Saturday, April 10, 1909
Had a tooth filled this a.m. and then played a couple of games of billiards.  Worked down at the other place this p.m.  Played billiards tonight.

Sunday, April 11, 1909
Went to church with the Knights Templars this a.m. at the Congregational.  Then took Eleanor up to the lodge room where a banquet was served by Eastern Star ladies.  Father took Louise.

atc 0410-1109

Monday, April 12, 1909
Started into Chicago at 8:25.  Ate dinner at the Tip Top Inn with Burch, Kimbell, Conrad, Towndrow and Johnson.  After this we went to see a show at the “Folk.”  Left for Champaign at 5:50.

Tuesday, April 13, 1909
Started school again this a.m.

Wednesday, April 14, 1909
Played ball for a while this p.m.

Thursday, April 15, 1909
Played center in a practice game with the Sigma Chi team this p.m.

Friday, April 16, 1909
Played ball part of the afternoon.  Saw swimming meet between the varsity and the Univ. of Penn. tonight.   The swimming meet was won by Penn but the varsity won the water polo atc 041709game 4 – 0.

Saturday, April 17, 1909
Played ball for a couple of hours this p.m. and then saw the varsity beat Milliken College 22 – 0 in a baseball game.  Took Alice R. to a fraternity dance out at Crystal Lake tonight.

Sunday, April 18, 1909
Called at Riley’s and Swigart’s this p.m.  Studied tonight.

Monday, April 19, 1909
Played practice game with the Kappa Sigs this p.m. which we won.  Fraternity meeting tonight.  Went down to the Walker with Beardsley after the meeting.

Tuesday, April 20, 1909
Played ball for a while this afternoon.  Studied tonight.

Wednesday, April 21, 1909
Played center in practice game with the Zeta ___  this p.m. which we won.  Got a fan-out, foul out, hit and walk in four times up.

Thursday, April 22, 1909
Played center field in match fraternity game with the Betas this p.m. which they won by score of 7 – 5.  In three times up I knocked a fly to the pitcher, one to the left fielder and a foul to 3rd base.  Got one chance in the field.  Played bridge after supper with Alice R. and with Walter and Edna Riley.

Friday, April 23, 1909
Started for Galesburg at 11:29.  Missed connections in Peoria and then went around by Abbington.  Got in Galesburg at 7:15 and went up to Aunt Jennie’s.  Went to the Phi Delt Annual out at Lombard with Ine Webster and had a fine time.

Jennie is Amos’ maternal aunt who married Charles Webster.  The Townsend family ties to this area date back to Amos’ maternal grandmother, Eleanor Pierce Townsend.  Townsends lived in Malta in DeKalb county.  Eleanor was very active in the Universalist Church statewide, including time as a trustee at Lombard College, a Universalist school in Galesburg.  Of her children, at least Frederick and Anna attended Lombard.  Jennie may have also, but in any case she married Charles Webster from Galesburg.  Eleanor’s daughter, Mary, Amos’ aunt, married Will Tapper.  The other daughter, Georgia, married Capt. John Yates.  I do not know who Ine Webster is, perhaps a cousin.

Saturday, April 24, 1909
Went out to Lombard this a.m. and visited with the fellows.  Went automobiling for a while after supper and then played bridge with Marion against Ine and Fred.  Uncle Will Tapper, Lorena, Jane, Mary and Barbara came here to visit for a week today.

Sunday, April 25, 1909
Went over to Monmouth today and ate dinner with Grandma Claycomb.  George, who is a Phi Delt at Lombard, went with me.  Came back on 1:30 car and saw part of ballgame between Galesburg and Quincy which was rotten.  Then went up to Ine’s for a while.

Amos’ paternal grandparents, George Washington Claycomb and Sarah Goddard Claycomb came from Kentucky and Indiana to Monmouth in Warren county, Illinois about 1836.  Amos’ father, Frank Erwin Claycomb, was born in Warren county.  Monmouth is about 20 miles from Galesburg where the Townsend family was active.  Frank Claycomb met Anna Sarah Townsend and married her on December 27, 1882 in Sycamore near the Townsend home, but they set up their home in Warren county.  Their first 3 children, Eleanor, Amos, and Louise, were born in Cameron in Warren county.  The family then moved to DeKalb county.  In 1889 George was born in Sycamore and Edward was born there in 1892.  Amos’ mother, Anna, died shortly after Edward’s birth, when Amos was 6 years old.

Monday, April 26, 1909
Started for Cham- at 10 a.m. and arrived at 2:40.  Fraternity meeting tonight.

atc 042909Tuesday, April 27, 1909
Nothing doing.

Wednesday, April 28, 1909
Saw the varsity win from Arkansas today by score of 3 – 2 in very good game.  Took Alice R. to see “A Stubborn Cinderella” over at the Illinois tonight.

Thursday, April 29, 1909
Played in match fraternity game against the Phi Gams this p.m. which they won by score of    –   .  In two times up I grounded out both times to first.  Got four out of five chances in the field.  Saw “Barnum & Bailey’s Circus” tonight with Billy May.  Rained very hard.

Friday, April 30, 1909
Attended “Senior Stag” tonight which was given in Hessel Hall.  Was nominated for “Homliest Man” in Class but lost to Sparks.

atc 043009


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