Amos Claycomb’s October 1909 Diary

My grandfather kept diaries for most of his life.  In October 1909 he is beginning to farm in Wildorado, Texas, near Amarillo.  Excerpts from his ledger are added to his diary entries.  I try to post a month every Monday.

Friday, October 1, 1909
Nothing doing.

atc 100109 L

Saturday, October 2, 1909
Potter came out to see me today on the noon train.  Went duck hunting this p.m. with him and Moreland but didn’t get anything.  We all play tennis for a while after supper and then went down to Goodman’s.

Sunday, October 3, 1909
Potter and I rode horseback out in the brakes this a.m.  This p.m. Arabel and I drove Potter half way to Amarillo and he walked the rest of the way in.  Took Arabel to and from church tonight but didn’t go myself.

Monday, October 4, 1909
Attended M.W.A. lodge tonight.

atc 100409 L

Tuesday, October 5, 1909
Played forty-two here at the hotel with some of the fellows tonight.

Wednesday, October 6, 1909
Went to church with Arabel tonight.

Thursday, October 7, 1909
It rained a little last night and a cold norther is blowing today so that fires are almost necessary.

Friday, October 8, 1909
Nothing doing.

Saturday, October 9, 1909
Rode out to the section this a.m.  Took Arabel over to Clara N.’s tonight where we played forty-two.

Sunday, October 10, 1909
Went out driving with Arabel this p.m. and took her to church tonight.

Monday, October 11, 1909
Went to Vega with Moreland today to see some carpenters.   Drove over to Ontario.  Cold norther came up suddenly this p.m.

atc 101109 L

Tuesday, October 12, 1909
Took Arabel to church tonight.

Wednesday, October 13, 1909
Went into Amarillo tonight.  Called on Maudie M.  Staid with Potter over night.

atc 101309 L

Thursday, October 14, 1909
Did a little business in town this a.m. and came home on the 10 a.m. train.  Rode horseback out in the brakes with Arabel and two other couples and ate our dinner there.  Took Arabel to church tonight.

atc 101409 L

Friday, October 15, 1909
Helped Nicolson shock feed all day.

Saturday, October 16, 1909
Shocked feed all day.  Took Arabel to church tonight.

atc 101609 L

Sunday, October 17, 1909
It started to rain this p.m. and is raining hard tonight.

Monday, October 18, 1909
Drizzling all day.  Have played forty-two most of the time.

atc 101809 L

Tuesday, October 19, 1909
Weather clearer this p.m.

Wednesday, October 20, 1909
Nothing doing.

Thursday, October 21, 1909

Friday, October 22, 1909
Played forty-two down at Goodman’s tonight with Arabel, Clara and Joe .

Saturday, October 23, 1909
Duck hunting this p.m. but duck are so wild that we couldn’t get close enough to shoot.

atc 102309 L

Sunday, October 24, 1909
Took Arabel to church tonight.

Monday, October 25, 1909
Helped Nicolson haul some lumber out to my place this p.m
Attended M.W.A. lodge tonight.

Tuesday, October 26, 1909
Helped haul brick and lumber out to the place this a.m.

Wednesday, October 27, 1909
Played forty-two down at Clara’s tonight with the others.

Thursday, October 28, 1909
Started to build the barn on my place today.  Mr. Phillips is head boss and Mac Womble and I are helping.  We laid the foundation and sills today and cut out other pieces.  Had two chases after coyotes this a.m. – four in one bunch and two in the other but they were too fast.

wildorado house 1940s

Wildorado, Texas – Photograph taken in the 1940’s of the property owned earlier by Amos Claycomb. The road in front of the house is Route 66, now the north access road along I-40, about 3 1/2 miles east of Wildorado. The house burned in 1955. When I-40 was built in 1964, 220 feet were taken off the property, so house site now lies under the highway.

Friday, October 29, 1909
Worked on the barn all day.  Am riding a livery horse out there and back.

Saturday, October 30, 1909
Worked on the barn all day, on the boxing and floor and sheeting.

atc 103009 L

Sunday, October 31, 1909
Helped make candy at Arabel’s this p.m. with Lucile, Clara and Carrol.  Played forty-two there tonight.




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