Birthday Parties 1948

I was quite surprised to find a newspaper clipping for my brother’s 7th birthday party.  And then one for his 8 year old friend.  I guess we were quite the social set in 1948!  Or more likely, there just wasn’t much news.

1949 tom party

The guest list should read Charles, Jerry, Walter, and Leslie Ann Kephart, etc.

Here’s the clipping for the Hayes’ twins party.

1949 hayes party

This hotbed of social life was Lakeside, California.  I was two years old, so it was not my scene.

2 thoughts on “Birthday Parties 1948

  1. I love when the highligts of the news were birthday parties for the kids and when familiies were leaving or returning from trips. Those were the good old days!


  2. Ah yes, I remember those good times well. Cake, ice cream, and everybody brought me a present. Best yet, my little sister was kept occupied elsewhere and Mom was able to focus her full attention on the first-born son. Life was good. We did indeed live at the center of the social scene then. Unfortunately I seemed to peak early in my social life and what can best be described as my “lean years” soon followed. But stop for a moment and think about the political correctness of a cowboy party for 7 year-olds. Everybody was packing cap guns, with holsters, and practicing our quick draw killings. I wonder how that would go over with today’s namby-pamby mommies of the suburbs? Maybe you should write a complete blog on gun control at children’s birthday parties. And you’d have me to point to as the perfect example of what is produced by a totally free society. I can hardly wait! Your loving brother, Tom. (Remind me to tell you sometime about the soul crushing event that caused me to become Tom instead of Tommy.)



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