Amos Claycomb’s January 1910 Diary


Saturday, January 1, 1910
Built fence around the buildings all day.  Rode the pony up town this p.m. for the mail and then went back for supper at Mrs. Burks.’  After that I played “forty-two” down at Goodman’s with Arabel  & against Lucile and Moreland.  Weather still warm and the snow is all melted.

Sunday, January 2, 1910
Foggy this a.m. with strong wind from the N.E. which soon changed to the S. clearing up the fog.  Homer and I built a manger in the shed for the cows this a.m. and then a  gate for the front fence.

Monday, January 3, 1910
There has been a heavy fog all day which froze as soon as it touched anything.  Drove Mooman up to the train this p.m. as I couldn’t afford to keep him here doing nothing.

010310 L

Tuesday, January 4, 1910
Too cold to do much this a.m. except haul a couple of loads of straw.  Rode the pony up town after the mail right after dinner.  It snowed hard for about 30 minutes this p.m. but soon melted.

Wednesday, January 5, 1910
8°  above this a.m. with a cold norther.  Homer and I went after a load of kaffir corn this p.m.  Got it of Beck at $6.50 a ton in the field.

[Kaffir corn is now called sorghum.]

Thursday, January 6, 1910
Went after a load of feed – kaffir corn – today with Homer.

010610 L

Friday, January 7, 1910
6°  above this a.m. with a strong southerly wind.  Rode the pony after the mail above noon.  Went into Amarillo on the train tonight.  Staid at hotel.

010710 L

Saturday, January 8, 1910
Came back from Amarillo this forenoon.  Started pasture fence this afternoon.

Sunday, January 9, 1910
Staid around the house all day.

Monday,  January 10, 1910
Built fence all day with Homer to enclose a pasture and to keep the stock off of my wheat ground.  The ground is frozen from four to six inches and contains moisture from 18-24 inches down.

Tuesday, January 11, 1910
Built fence all day.

Wednesday, January 12, 1910
Finished putting the posts in the ground today and stretched wire for a while.  I drove up town this a.m. after some posts and meal for the cows.  Called on Clara N. tonight.  It sprinkled – off and on all afternoon.

011210 L

Thursday, January 13, 1910
Finished stretching the wire by noon.  Rode the pony up town this p.m. after the mail.  Helped put in some gates etc when I got back.

Friday, January 14, 1910
Sleeted this a.m.

Saturday, January 15, 1910
Started the gasoline plow today but had trouble all of the time and only plowed about half an acre all day.  Played “forty-two” at Goodman’s tonight with Arabel, Lucile and Carrol.

goodman house drawn

Sunday, January 16, 1910
Staid around the house all day.  Called on Clara N. tonight and went to church.  Mistook a skunk for a coyote tonight but escaped injury.

Monday, January 17, 1910
Started the plow again this a.m. but it wouldn’t work well and we brought it in about 2 o’clock.  Then rode the pony up town after the mail.  A norther came up this afternoon but didn’t last very long.

Tuesday, January 18, 1910
Built a wood-shed – 16 x 14 by 9 ft in front and 6 behind – today just south of the house.  The ground was frozen this morning but thawed out during the day.

Wednesday, January 19, 1910
Started the plow again this p.m. but couldn’t make it work and have sent for help.

Thursday, January 20, 1910
Hauled dirt all day, from the railroad to fill in the barn and the low places in the corral.

Friday, January 21, 1910
Hauled dirt all day.  Called on Clara N. tonight.

Saturday, January 22, 1910
Hauled a few loads of dirt this morning and then put the second coat of paint on the house and painted the wood-shed.  Rode the pony up town tonight.  Warm all day the thermometer being around 70°  most of the time.

Sunday, January 23,  1910
Warm again today.  Rode the pony over to Bushland this afternoon to see Roy Armstrong.

Monday, January 24, 1910
Sent Homer up town this a.m. after a load of wire and posts.  Rode the pony up after the mail.  We both hauled manure all the afternoon.  Thermometer showed 76°  above this p.m. with a strong south-west wind.

012410 L

Tuesday, January 25, 1910
Took plow out again this p.m. and found our trouble at last.  An exhaust valve in the back cylinder was leaking and letting the power out thru the exhaust pipe.

Wednesday, January 26, 1910
Built a manger in the corral for straw this a.m. and then hauled some straw.  Went to Amarillo on the train tonight to get the exhaust valve repaired.  Took Arabel G. to vaudeville show and staid with Dr. Hanson.

012610 L

Thursday, January 27, 1910
In Amarillo all day waiting for valve.  Took Arabel G. to some vaudeville shows tonight.  Staid with Dr. Hanson.

Friday, January 28, 1910
Came home on train at 10 a.m. and jumped off of train in front of the place.  Put the plow together again and took it out.  It plowed all right but we let a cylinder get too hot so we had to stop.  Called on Clara N. tonight.

Saturday, January 29, 1910
Birthday – 24.  Strong norther blowing all day.  Worked on the plow all the morning and took it out after dinner.  It worked all right except the cylinder kept getting too hot.  There is a big comet in the west now which can be seen about 7 p.m.  Its tail goes about 1/3 of the way from the horizon to the zenith.

Sunday, January 30, 1910
Staid around the house all day.  Armstrong came over from Bush this p.m.  Mooman came this p.m. to fix the plow.  Called on Clara N. tonight.

Monday, January 31, 1910
Worked on the plow all morning.  Mooman and Homer started it this p.m. but only made one round when the cylinders got so hot that they had to stop and fix them.  I drove the team up town this p.m. after some bran for the cows.

013110 L

2 thoughts on “Amos Claycomb’s January 1910 Diary

  1. Loved your post. I’m always amazed at how topics clump together. I was just reading up on Halley’s Comet yesterday for a post I am writing in 1835 when it also made an appearance. That’s whenalso read about the Great Daylight Comet in 1910.



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