Amos Claycomb’s February 1910 Diary

My grandfather, Amos Claycomb, is just beginning to farm land near Wildorado, Texas.  In February 1910, his father comes to visit from Illinois.  And Amos continues to have problems with his new gasoline plow.

Tuesday, February 1, 1910
Mooman and Homer plowed 3 1/2 rounds today but had trouble all of the time.  I hauled some dirt this a.m. to fill up the barn and then got a load of straw.  Rode the pony up town after the mail this p.m. 020110 L Wednesday, February 2, 1910
Very cold norther blew all day.  A little snow was on the ground all of the a.m.

Thursday, February 3, 1910
Drove to Bush after my father today but he didn’t come on the regular train.  He came with the S. & W. people this p.m. who brought him out in a machine.

Friday, February 4, 1910
Drove father up town this a.m. and over Sec. 11 and up to Bush this p.m.  The S. & W. people came out after us in a machine after supper and took us to Amarillo.  We staid at the Elmhirst tonight. 020410 L Saturday, February 5, 1910
Father and I went with the S. & W. people to Bovina on their train and we looked over some land there which is about the same as mine.  We all came back to Amarillo late tonight. 020510 L Sunday, February 6, 1910
S. & W. people took father and I out home this a.m. in a machine.  I drove Belle up town this p.m. after a trunk and called on Clara N. for a little while.

Monday, February 7, 1910
Drove father around the country today.  Drove over to Bush with him tonight and played cards.

Tuesday, February 8, 1910
Drove up town and around today.

Wednesday, February 9, 1910 Sent Homer and Harry into Amarillo today after repairs. 020910 L Thursday, February 10, 1910
No plowing today as it took all of the time to get the plow back into shape.   Most of the trouble is caused by the brasses in the engine heating.

Friday, February 11, 1910
Father started home on the evening train.  Plow did about one acre.  Brasses still heating.

Saturday, February 12, 1910
Plowed about two acres today.

Sunday, February 13, 1910
Staid around the house all day.  Called on Clara N. tonight.

Monday, February 14, 1910
Drove team up town this a.m. after some gasoline.  Received deed for Section 11 from Uncle Fred today.  In pay’t I signed a note for $11,135.78 at 5% for one year in favor of the Pierce Trust and Savings Bank of Sycamore.  There are 686.33 acres in the section.  Paid $17.50 an acre. 021410 L Tuesday, February 15, 1910
Sent Russell to town on horse today after a steel washer for the plow.  While he was there Harry broke timer gears in the engine which will lay us up until we can get repairs from the factory.  I drove up town and telegraphed for the repairs this p.m.  A cold norther started about ten o’clock and has been blowing all day. 021510 L Wednesday, February 16, 1910
6°  above this morning with a heavy blizzard from the north.  It snowed till noon but drifted all day.  Thermometer did not go above 12°  all day.

Thursday, February 17, 1910
4°  below this a.m.   Went up town after the mail in the buggy. 021710 L Friday, February 18, 1910
Still waiting for repairs for the plow. 021810 L Saturday, February 19, 1910
Drove the pony up town after the mail. 021910 L Sunday, February 20, 1910
Staid around the house all day.  Varnished most of the doors with a dark oak finish.

Monday, February 21, 1910
Drove up town this morning after the mail.

Tuesday, February 22, 1910
New chains and sprockets for the plow came today.  Also some young trees I had ordered. 022210 L Wednesday, February 23, 1910
Sick most of the day.  Painted part of my room this a.m.

Thursday, February 24, 1910
Drove pony up town after mail this a.m.  Helped Homer and Harry set out some of my trees this morning.  50 in all – 18 shade and the rest – fruit trees.  Horseback riding this p.m. with Arabel, Lucile and Beulah R. 022410 L Friday, February 25, 1910
Drove pony up town after the mail.  Let Mooman go back to the factory today as the repairs have not come and he has not been able to fix the plow anyway.  Homer drove us in with the wagon and brought back some bran.  Played billiards for a while tonight and staid with Dr. Hanson. 022510 L Saturday, February 26, 1910
Came back on train this a.m.  Had deed for Sec. 11 recorded in town and did a little other business.  Called at Goodman’s tonight with Moreland.   A cold norther has been blowing all day but subsided a little tonight.  It sprinkled for a few minutes this a.m. 022610 L Sunday, February 27, 1910
Cold south wind blowing so hard today that I brought horses in from the pasture.  Staid in house most of the day.  The Nicolson kids came out after the little Jersey this afternoon which I sold to their father for $100 worth of plowing.

Monday, February 28, 1910
Drove pony up town after the mail.  Hauled a few loads of straw this a.m. and started to dig an earth cellar near the house. 022810 L


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