Amos Claycomb’s August 1910 Diary

Amos Claycomb is farming in Wildorado, Texas in 1910.  This month he gets a couple of rides in automobiles – sometimes he calls them ‘automobiles’, but more often, they are a ‘machine.’  If he refers to a ‘car’ – that’s a railroad car.  

Monday, August 1, 1910
Rained last night and was too wet to thresh until about 4:30 p.m. and then the separator gave trouble until dark.

080110 L

Tuesday, August 2, 1910
Finished threshing at noon.  Got 525 1/2 bu. of wheat off of 90 acres and 93 1/2 bu. of oats off of 8 – 10 acres.  The rest of my oats were too green to thresh and am drying them for hay.

080210 LWednesday, August 3, 1910
Homer drove to town – Amarillo – after his mother-in-law today.
Thursday, August 4, 1910
Rained last night and Homer and I worked with oats most of the day trying to get them dry
Friday, August 5, 1910
Rained again last night.  Worked with oats today.
Saturday, August 6, 1910
Stacked the oats, which were too green to thresh this a.m. and shall feed them for hay.  Homer started to disc the rest of the oat stubble this p.m.  Drove pony over to Bush this evening and played cards.
Sunday, August 7, 1910
Heavy fog this morning.  Staid around house all day.
Monday, August 8, 1910
Caught a ride to Amarillo this a.m. in an automobile.

080810 LTuesday, August 9, 1910
Staid in Amarillo all day.

080910 L

This is an mysterious entry. He doesn’t mention it in the diary, just in his ledger.
He lost a charm? It was found. And then he had it engraved. I would love to know what it was.

Wednesday, August 10, 1910
In Amarillo all day.  Came home on evening train.

081010 LThursday, August 11, 1910
Rode pony up town after the mail.   Put in cement hitching post after dinner and then rode pony up to look at my row stuff.  The maize is heading but is very short.  The kaffir and sorghum has not started to head yet.
81310 dFriday, August 12, 1910
Nothing doing today.  Called on Clara N. tonight.
Saturday, August 13, 1910
Baby girl born to the Russells’ this a.m.  Went to Amarillo on train at noon.
[This child is Leota Geraldine Russell.]

081310 LSunday, August 14, 1910
Staid in Amarillo all night and took train to Friona this a.m. with Dr. Hanson and Potter to visit Dayton Hanson.  Drove out to his farm this p.m. in his machine.

081410 LMonday, August 15, 1910
Came back to Amarillo this a.m. and I came home tonight.
Tuesday, August 16, 1910
Drove team to Bush with Homer where we set up a corn binder I had bought.  Brought it home tonight with an Emerson gang plow and with a horse and wagon I had bought in Amarillo last Sat. and which Harker had brought out to Bush.

1910 nicholson horse implement

This is a photo taken in 1910 and labelled ‘Nicholson Horse Implement.’
I think it is a corn binder.

Wednesday, August 17, 1910
Homer and I set up the gang plow this a.m.   He started to  plow sod east of the old ground and just north of the road this p.m. but it was most too dry.
Thursday, August 18, 1910
Rained a little last night and drizzled this forenoon.   Homer plowed this p.m.
Friday, August 19, 1910
Homer plowed all day.   Attended a party given by Mrs. Stuart at the hotel after supper.
Saturday,  August 20, 1910
Homer and I hauled dirt to make a crossing over the railroad in front of the house all day.   Potter came tonight and we went up to Goodman’s for a while.

082010 LSunday, August 21, 1910
Drove Potter up to see my row crop this a.m. and out to the Gray Ranch this p.m. to see a round-up.  Called at Goodman’s with him after supper.

1910 men driving cattleMonday, August 22, 1910
Drove Potter to Amarillo this morning and came back this p.m.   Homer cut my Indian corn today as the ears were not much good and I wanted to save the fodder.

082210 LTuesday, August 23, 1910
Drove both teams to Amarillo with Homer this morning after some hogs which I had bought of Dayton Hanson at Friona.  The hogs arrived about 6 p.m. and we got home just at midnight.  One boar, five sows, 7 shoats and 19 pigs.

082310 LWednesday, August 24, 1910
Worked all day on a hog yard which I am building just east of the barn yard.

082410 LThursday, August 25, 1910
Worked on hog yard all day.   Hard norther with rain came up last night but the wind blew so hard that it soon took the water up.  Cold all day.
Friday, August 26, 1910
Built shed for hogs this a.m.  After dinner Homer cut a couple of rounds of maize while I was shocking the Indian corn.
Saturday, August 27, 1910
Hauled maize in today to feed hogs.  Kaffir corn is burning up and much of the maize will not head unless we get a rain soon.

082710 LSunday, August 28, 1910
Staid home all day.  Cloudy most of the day and a strong north wind.
Monday, August 29, 1910
82910 dDrove pony to Amarillo this a.m.  Priced land to the American – Canadian Land Co., but they didn’t think it is worth as much as I do.
Tuesday, August 30, 1910
Drove home this a.m.  Sent Homer up town after some bran after dinner.
Wednesday, August 31, 1910
Sprinkled a little this a.m. but not enough to help.  Drove pony up town after dinner for Rev. Edwards who papered the sitting room this p.m. with our help.



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