Amos Claycomb’s January 1911 Diary

This month Amos travels back to Illinois for a visit home and next month to host Ruth Bressler and travel to meet her family.  

1911 reminderSunday, January 1, 1911
A norther with snow started this a.m. but the snow soon stopped.  Staid home all day.

Monday, January 2, 1911
6° below this morning and a hard norther all day.

Tuesday, January 3, 1911
6° below this a.m.  Wind in the west.  Drove two wagons to Bush after dinner and got some maize.

Wednesday, January 4, 1911
Drove pony to Wil- after the mail this a.m.  Ground maize this p.m.

010411 L

Thursday, January 5, 1911
Nothing doing.

Friday, January 6, 1911
Rode pony over to Harker’s after dinner and staid for supper.

010611 L

Saturday, January 7, 1911
Rode pony over to Burn’s this p.m. and bought two black bull calves for $35.  Then rode over to Allred’s and bought a calf for $14.  Drove over to Harker’s after supper and played cards.

Sunday, January 8, 1911
Ballow family, Harker family, Russell and Jim Gouldy over this p.m.  Played the Victor most of the time.  Jersey heifer calf born today to Maxie Darling.

Monday, January 9, 1911
Arthur and I brought the calves home this a.m.   Fixed fence for a while after dinner.

010911 L

Tuesday, January 10, 1911
One of the calves got out of the pasture this a.m. and went home and we had to get him back.

Wednesday, January 11, 1911
Went to Amarillo on train today and came back tonight.

011111 L

Thursday, January 12, 1911
Three calves got out last night and Arthur and I had to get them back.  Was after one alone and had to rope him from the pony and then drive him.  Arthur and I fixed the south fence after dinner.

Friday, January 13, 1911
Arthur took his wife to Vega today and I staid home and painted the entry way to the kitchen.  Very warm for this time of year but still very dry.

011311 L

Saturday, January 14, 1911
Drove over to Harker’s tonight and played cards.

Sunday, January 15, 1911
Harker family over for a little while this p.m. and I drove over there after supper.  Cooked my own dinner.

011511 L

Monday, January 16, 1911
Started north today.  Left Amarillo at 1 p.m. and rode east on the Rock Island.  Entered Oklahoma about dark and ate supper at Sayre.

Tuesday, January 17, 1911
Reached the Arkansas line this morning about 8 o’clock and reached Memphis, Tenn. about 8 p.m. where I took a sleeper on the I. C. to Champaign.  Was in Little Rock for over an hour.  Saw mostly forests, lumber camps and rice fields along the tracks.

Wednesday, January 18, 1911
Reached Champaign about 9:30 a.m. and went out to the Phi Delt house for dinner and met the fellows.  This p.m. I called on Helen J., Alice R. and at the Swigarts where I ate supper.  Walked down town with Joe Estep when I got back to the house.

1911 coverThursday, January 19, 1911
Took I. C. train to Chicago this morning and got there about noon.  Ate dinner at the Boston Oyster House and saw the vaudeville at the Majestic.  Took the 6:05 train on the North-western out home and got here about 8:30.

Friday, January 20, 1911
Took car up town this a.m. with father.  Visited Eleanor this p.m.  Very sloppy here now as a late snow is melting and it has been drizzling all day.

Saturday, January 21, 1911
Up town this morning and this afternoon I went up to see Eleanor in her new home.  Took car over to DeKalb tonight with Murphy and Chambers to see a vaudeville.

Sunday, January 22, 1911
Ate dinner at Eleanor’s with the rest of the family this noon.

Monday, January 23, 1911
Played billiards with Dye this morning.  Had some dental work done this afternoon.

012311 L

Tuesday, January 24, 1911
Went over to DeKalb this a.m. to have my nose examined and found out that it needed some repairing.  Came down to Galesburg tonight.

Wednesday, January 25, 1911
Staid in Galesburg all day.  Went out to Lombard college this a.m. and ate dinner at the Phi Delt house.  Saw the vaudeville this p.m. with Marion and staid home tonight.

Thursday, January 26, 1911
Took interurban over to Monmouth this a.m. and ate dinner at Grandma’s with Uncle Pat and Aunt Laura.  Came back to Galesburg at 4:30 and staid at Webster’s tonight.

Friday, January 27, 1911
Started home at 10:25 a.m. and reached DeKalb about 3:30.  Had some work done on my nose by Dr. Smith and then came home.

Saturday, January 28, 1911
Took car over to DeKalb this a.m. to see a doctor and staid there all day with the DeKalb fellows.

Sunday, January 29, 1911
Staid home all day.  Went up town to see Ferd Rompf for a few minutes after supper.

Monday, January 30, 1911
Went over to DeKalb to see the doctor but came right back to Sycamore.  Paid interest on my note for Sec. 11 to the Pierce bank this a.m.  Note not due until February 10.

013011 L

Tuesday, January 31, 1911
Took 8:20 into Chicago this a.m.  Went down to Auto Show at the Coliseum and saw Ewing and Charlie Pope.  Went to the Majestic after dinner and saw “The Warning” after supper.  Came home at 11:15 on the Great Western.

013111 LCast of character:
Texas friends:  Harkers, Ballow, Russells, Gouldys.
University friends:  Swigarts, Ewings, Charlie Pope.
Family:  Eleanor (Gochenour, sister), Grandma (Sarah Goddard Claycomb), Aunt Laura (sister of Amos’ father), Uncle Pat (Shelton, husband of Laura).


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