Frank Erwin Claycomb – Part 3

Frank Claycomb’s wife, Anna Sarah Townsend, died in 1892 leaving him with five children ages 3 weeks to almost 8 years.  He had a housekeeper, Mrs. Hill, who must have been a huge help in those early years.  His son, Amos, kept diaries that mention Mrs. Hill.  The earliest we have is 1900 when he was 14 – the first one can be seen here.

frank e claycomb

Frank lives in Cortland Township, DeKalb county, Illinois.  He farms and invests in land.

On June 30, 1908, Frank’s father, George Washington Claycomb, died at the age of 80 in Monmouth, Warren county, Illinois.

geo w claycomb w g-dau eleanor

George Washington Claycomb with his granddaughter Eleanor. Eleanor was born in 1884, so perhaps this was taken about 1888.

In 1910 on October 27th, Eleanor, the oldest child married Arthur B. Gochenour.  On 13 October 1911, Frank Claycomb’s first grandchild was born and named Frank Claycomb Gochenour.

Four Generations: Sarah Goddard Claycomb, mother of Frank Erwin Claycomb who is the father of Eleanor C. Gochenour who is the mother of Frank Claycomb Gochenour (born 1911).

Four Generations: Sarah Goddard Claycomb, mother of Frank Erwin Claycomb who is the father of Eleanor C. Gochenour who is the mother of Frank Claycomb Gochenour (born 1911).

On 7 September 1911 Louise married Lewis Ray Love at “Anchorage” her Aunt Georgia Yates’ home in Boise, Idaho.  They later moved to New York.

In early 1912 – on January 12th – Frank Claycomb married for the second time – this time to Evangeline Shattuck, a teacher in the Sycamore schools.  She was born in 1873 in Colorado – her parents were Orville and Harriet Shattuck.

FEC Ve 1919

The only photo I have found of Ve. She’s holding granddaughter, Barbara. Her husband Frank is on the left. 1919.

She came to be Grandma Ve when the grandchildren and great-grandchildren arrived.  There is so much to Ve’s story that I don’t know.  In 1910 she lived with her two sisters, Edith and Ethel – none of them married and all were teachers.  Evangeline was born in Colorado, Edith in Pennsylvania and Ethel in Ohio.  That’s a lot of moving in the late 1800s and there must be stories there!

In the 1960s I wrote to her about family genealogy – I didn’t know she wasn’t my grandfather’s mother.  I just knew she was my great-grandmother.  She answered my letter that since there were no blood ties, her story wasn’t important.  Oh, what a mistake I made not asking her more.

Frank’s children continued to get married.  On 20 December 1913, George married Helen Virginia Quarles in Honolulu, Hawaii.  They made their home in Boise, Idaho.

On 27 February 1917 Edward married Isabel Peake in Kansas City, Missouri where they lived.

A photo from about 1919 shows the family (people are identified here).  All of Frank’s children have married and there are many grandchildren.


In 1922 young Frank Gochenour died on July 11th.  He was 10 years old.

frank gochenour June 1921 4th L

Frank Gochenour (4th from left) with friends. June 1921

And on 19 August 1926 Sarah Goddard Claycomb, Frank’s mother and the matriarch of the family, died.  She was 92.

sarah goddard

Sarah Goddard Claycomb – taken from the group photo above. 1919

Frank E Claycomb sr

On 2 August 1932, Frank Erwin Claycomb died at age 77.  From his will:  Petition of Evangeline S. Claycomb:  Frank E. Claycomb died at his home in DeKalb Township in DeKalb County, IL, 2 August 1932.  Real estate valued at at sixteen thousand dollars, personal property valued at three thousand dollars.  Surviving him: Evangeline S. Claycomb; Eleanor Gochenour, daughter, adult, Sycamore IL;  Louise Love, daughter, adult, Winnetka, IL;  Amas [sic] Claycomb, son, adult, Wayne NE;  George Claycomb, son, adult, Boise ID;  Edward Claycomb, son, adult, Kansas City MO.

Lists real estate owned in DeKalb County, 5 shares of stock, Ohio Oil company, 20 shares of stock, Club Aluminum, 2 bonds secured by mortgage in Pierce Bank Building, 4 shares of stock in the First State Bank, Maple Park IL, 1 note secured by mortgage.

I wish I had more to write about Grandma Ve than just her death date – 10 February 1966, but I didn’t know much.  Even the adult grandchild who gave information for her death certificate knew very little.  I know she lived on her own, quite independently, in a two-story house.  We visited her in 1956 and I remember those steep stairs.  Mom said she died while talking on the phone to a friend.  Gently slipping away.

One thought on “Frank Erwin Claycomb – Part 3

  1. waymanite1 has his obit on her tree: Rowse/George Family Tree –

    Sycamore True Republican
    Aug 6, 1932

    F. E. Claycomb Funeral Here

    Last Rites For One of
    Prominent Leaders

    Stroke is Fatal
    Here is her information from her profile page on
    El Paso, Texas, USA
    I am a homemaker (Domestic Goddess). Born in Tucumcari, New Mexico. Went to college in Utah. Met my husband. He went to dental school on an Air Force scholarship. After 23 years in the AF we retired in El Paso where he joined the practice of a friend. We’ve been here since and enjoy the warm weather. We raised 5 daughters and 1 son and have 14 grandchildren scattered about the country. I asked for for Christmas and have enjoyed connecting with other researchers.



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