Amos Claycomb’s March 1911 Diary

The last few weeks of entries here worry me.  I think my grandfather may have started the Dust Bowl of the 1930s.  Okay, this was early, but I’m not sure the farming methods he learned in Illinois were modified for the Texas prairie. 

Wednesday, March 1, 1911
Snow all over the ground again today.  Took sow up to Harker after dinner and brought back my two calves.  Sow weighed 470 lbs.

030111 L

Thursday, March 2, 1911
Drove pony up after the mail today.  Slightly warmer.

030211 L

Friday, March 3, 1911
Took train to Amarillo today and got some homco and other things.  Drove back to Bush with Mr. Paine.  Roads very muddy.

030311 L

Saturday, March 4, 1911
Staid at Harker’s last night and drove home this a.m.  Warm today and the snow is about all gone.  Staid home tonight.

030411 L

Sunday, March 5, 1911
Drove over to Harker’s this p.m. for short time.

Monday, March 6, 1911
Hauled manure away from the barn this p.m.

Tuesday, March 7, 1911
No excitement.

Wednesday, March 8, 1911
Rode pony over to Bushland after dinner and then drove over to Dillon’s with Bert and we bought a hog together.  Cost $12.50.

030811 L

Thursday, March 9, 1911
Rode pony up town this a.m.  Bought a team of Shaw for $400 with their harness.  Horse 8 yrs old and mare 5 yrs.  Norman harrowed wheat all day.

Friday, March 10, 1911
Arthur finished harrowing wheat at noon and started to plow sod on the east land after dinner.  I fixed fence around the feed yard and worked around the barn.

031011 L

Saturday, March 11, 1911
Arthur plowed all day.

Sunday, March 12, 1911
Staid around the house all day.

Monday, March 13, 1911
Drove new team up town this a.m. and I brought back some coal for Norman and a new sulky plow which we set up this p.m.

031311 L

Tuesday, March 14, 1911
Started to plow with sulky this morning and am using three horses.  Norman is plowing with the gang and four horses.

Wednesday, March 15, 1911
Plowed all day.  Drove pony up town this noon after some groceries and the mail.

031511 L

Thursday, March 16, 1911
Plowed all day.

Friday, March 17, 1911
Started to roll the plowing this a.m.  Norman still plowing.

Saturday, March 18, 1911
Finished plowing and rolling the east 45 acres today.  Drove up town after dinner and got some points sharpened.  Rode pony over to Harker’s tonight and played cards.031811 LSunday, March 19, 1911
Rode pony after mail this a.m.  Laid off land on Sec. 11 this p.m. where Nicolson is to steam plow 100 acres on the north side.

031911 L

Monday, March 20, 1911
Steam plow started this a.m.   Norman started plowing on Sec. 11 with the gang this a.m.   Drove team to Bush after dinner and brought home a small boar which I own with Harker.  Rain for a while this p.m. and tonight.

Tuesday, March 21, 1911
Drove to Wil- this a.m. after some homco.  Too wet to plow today.

032111 L

Wednesday, March 22, 1911
Still too wet to plow.

Thursday, March 23, 1911
Plowed with gang and sulky all day.

atc tractor wildorado 1909Friday, March 24, 1911
Ditto.  Nicolson finished steam plowing this noon – doing about 105 acres on a 100 acre contract.

Saturday, March 25, 1911
Plowed all day.

032511 L

Sunday, March 26, 1911
Rode pony up town after the mail this a.m. and settled with Nicolson for steam plowing.

Monday, March 27, 1911
Plowed all day.

Tuesday, March 28, 1911
I rolled today while Arthur plowed with the gang.

Wednesday, March 29, 1911
Arthur plowed all day.  I went to Am- on train and came back tonight.

032911 L

Thursday, March 30, 1911
Went to Wil- this a.m. to have some plow points sharpened while Arthur rolled.  I rolled this p.m. and Arthur drove over to Marshall’s to sell his pony.

033011 L

Friday, March 31, 1911
Plowed all day.  Have about 185 of sod plowed now and we turn about seven acres a day with the gang and sulky.

033111 L


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