Christmas 1900

christmas 1900 DeKalb


This photo is labeled Christmas 1900 DeKalb.  That’s DeKalb, Illinois.  Update:  My brother sent me a copy of this with the names.  Great Christmas present!  Although I’m not sure the names line up correctly.
L-R:  Clifford Duncan, E. J. Farmer (father of Mabel Farmer Duncan), T. C. Duncan, Hazel Wiswall, Howard Duncan, Mrs. Elva Patchen Wiswall, Nettie Duncan, Mr. Elna Wiswall, Mr. William Patchen (Elva’s father), Vera Wiswall, Mabel Farmer Duncan, Ed Duncan, Dr. J. C. Duncan.  Duncan residence, 4th St., DeKalb, Illinois.
Things I know:  Hazel and Vera Wiswall would be young women at this time.

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