Christmas Pie

Christmas Pie was the first course at our holiday dinner.  We found our places at the table by the name tag that attached to a ribbon.  All the ribbons lead to one brightly wrapped box in the middle.  All together we pulled on them and found a small gift, usually humorous, on the other end.

Mom brought this tradition to the family from the Duncans, but I don’t know if any of the younger generation keeps it going.

christmas pie

Christmas Pie at Jeanie’s – away from the table of food! About 1968.


2 thoughts on “Christmas Pie

  1. What a great tradition ! My grandaddy always made pancakes and bacon, to be eaten before going into the living room (pocket door closed from curious eyes) I think the breakfast was to allow those straggling adults to get there. Us kids could hardly eat. Then we would line up, smallest first and the door would slide open revealing the splendor Santa left.

    Merry Christmas Donna !


    • Wow, the Christmas morning stalling. Dad always insisted on shaving and dressing before he came out and of course, we had to wait for him. Agony. Pancakes and bacon sound good now, but would not have been appreciated under the circumstances then!! I bet there’s a thousand ways to stall Christmas morning. Merry Christmas!



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