Mary McLaughlin Huckins

Mary Delilah McLaughlin, born March 1852 in LaSalle county, Illinois.  She married Brainard (or Branard) Sewall Huckins.  Her parents were Augustus McLaughlin (born Weld, ME) and Amanda Stephenson (born Frankford, Illinois).
mary huckinsThis is a case of a photograph having gone down the “wrong” branch of the family tree.  I have the photo because Mary’s daughter Florence (born November 1890) was my grandfather’s second wife.  He was Thomas LeRoy Duncan.  They did not have children. Florence had lived with her mother until Amanda Huckins died in 1931.  So Florence brought the photo into our family.  But it really needs to be with the McLaughlin branch.  I hope someone there will see it and contact me.

The 1900 census says that Mary had 4 children living, but lists only Edith and Florence.  I knew both Aunt Edith and Florence and neither of them had children.


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