Andrew Richolson, Thomas Oakland, Elmer Oakland

oaklands richolson

Andrew Richolson, Thomas Oakland, Elmer Oakland

Thomas and Elmer are brothers, sons of Ira Oakland and Isabelle Thuestad.

Elmer Arthur Oakland, 1881-1962, married Sena Bjerge.
Thomas Lewis Oakland, 1863-1918, married Mary Ann Sanderson (my great-grandparents).

Mary Ann Sanderson’s sister, Isabele, married Andrew Richolson. (Mary Ann also had a sister Josephine (Adelaide J.), who married Richol Richolson.)

In this faded cabinet card, I especially like the cat and dog.  My guess for the time frame is the 1910s – that would put Thomas Oakland in his 40s.  Do you think that’s correct?

2 thoughts on “Andrew Richolson, Thomas Oakland, Elmer Oakland

  1. I”m wondering about the ’00’s. If the brothers are 18 years apart, the younger one has to be at least in his 20’s, maybe late 20’s. If the younger one is 25, then the year would be 1906. The elder brother would then be 43. He doesn’t look in his 50’s. And the cut of Andrew’s coat and the ornate backdrop could also be telltale clues.



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