Alfred James McCollum, Salinas California

alfred james Mccollum 50th anniv 19177Erista Osborne, Racine, Wisconsin, was invited to the golden wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred James McCollum in Salinas, California on July 3, 1917.  It’s a bit frustrating that he gets his full name listed and no name for his wife!  In any case, Erista probably didn’t travel to California for the celebration.

If my arithmetic is right, the McCollums were married on July 3, 1867.  This is another in my “Lost & Found” file – it should be with the McCollum family.

2 thoughts on “Alfred James McCollum, Salinas California

  1. Women’s first names seem to vanish in newspaper articles and formal announcements even up into the 1960s. I have numerous clippings from when I was a child that refer to my mother as Mrs. . . .



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