Easter 1950

Some family had a lovely Easter in 1950.  I just don’t know who they are.  I’m going to guess that they were in California – no one is bundled up for winter!
easter 1950 1smThe woman on the right below looks vaguely familiar.  I know, that’s no help at all.
easter 1950 2sm 
This is another in my ‘lost and found’ category.  Always hopeful that someone will recognize the people in the photos – anyone?




2 thoughts on “Easter 1950

  1. The car on the right looks like it’s from the ’20’s or earlier, though I’m no expert. The car on the left looks like it’s from the ’30’s maybe? What kind of tree is that, with the fronds hanging down? Well, I’m no help either.


    • Very frustrating, huh? Oh my Wisconsin kin, that’s just your everyday palm tree – thousands in southern California. The only writing on the photos was ‘Easter 1950.” The odds of anyone related finding this photo are minuscule!



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