William Duncan Part 4 (William D. Alderman)

On 4 January 1887 William Duncan Alderman married Ida Maretta Roebuck, daughter of Mary Jane and Nathan Roebuck. William and Ida lived in Waterloo, Blackhawk county, Iowa.  Two children were born to them here:  Edward Duncan Alderman, 18 February 1888, and Lura G., 3 March 1890. In 1895 Charles and Mary Alderman lived in St. Paul, Minnesota, with their son Albert according to the state census. On 21 February 1897 Charles E. B. Alderman, step-father of William, died.  Mary filed for a widow’s pension and it was granted.  Charles was buried at the Avoca cemetery in Oakfield, Fond du Lac county, Wisconsin. 4 chas alder death 4 accrued pension4. marys widow pension In 1905 (Wisconsin state census) and 1910 (Federal census) Mary Alderman was living alone in Oakfield.  It was in Oakfield that Mary O. Lurvey Duncan Alderman died on 22 December 1914, aged 71.  She was buried next to Charles in the Avoca cemetery.  There were many communications regarding her pensions and funeral expenses.  It’s nice because we get to see her son William’s signature on some of them. 4 mary ald dc 4 mary funeral cost 4 livery cost query4 livery cost ans On 29 May 1918 William D. Alderman, grandson of Thomas and Eliza Duncan, was the engineer on a train that plunged off the tracks where a bridge had been weakened by a downpour.  He and several other men died.

Waterloo Evening Courier & Reporter 29 May 1918 front page.

Waterloo Evening Courier & Reporter 29 May 1918 front page.


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