Dad’s Ratty Sweater


Mom and Dad – when the blue sweater was new and still respectable enough for photographs.

Dad had a favorite blue sweater that he wore in the morning to  keep off the chill.  The problem was that he wore it for years and it got quite worn.  A few holes, some unravelling.  And he didn’t want it washed or cleaned because that would damage it more.

Mom found it appalling.  Shabby.  But she kept quiet unless he wanted to wear it on errands to the grocery store or go next door to the neighbors.  Or could he please change it when folks dropped by to visit.  Dad rarely gave in.

After he died mom slowly sorted his clothes.  Special things were saved for family.  Some of the nicer things were given to friends.  And Mom wore the shabby sweater for a few evenings.

I guess she finally discarded it.  I wish we had kept it.  I have one of his more acceptable sweaters, but I don’t remember him wearing it.  I do have Mom’s gaudy pink and blue plaid fleece shirt which is well worn and has lip balm, change, and mints in the pocket.  I wear it on chilly mornings.

13 thoughts on “Dad’s Ratty Sweater

  1. Well that really pulled at my heartstrings, as I have a similar story. Except the sweater was my grandfather’s — I have a photo of him wearing it and holding my infant brother on his lap. That was 1952. After my grandfather died, my father kept the sweater. After my father died, I found it in his things. By my father’s death it had become moth-eaten beyond reasonable repair. And unfortunately, that was the end of that.



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