Geranium Leaf Hats

Grandma Claycomb (Ruth Bressler Claycomb) visited us in California in the early 1950s.  One of the things she did was sew geranium leaf hats for the girls.  This is a clip from a home movie showing her with my sister, Jeanie, and a neighbor, Linda Renner.

This is the first time I’ve embedded a video.  Found out how to convert the DVD files to an mp4 file and then make the selection into an mp4 film.  Set up a channel on YouTube and uploaded it there.  And wrote this post embedding the YouTube link.  It seems to work.  But wow, all this is not easy the first time.  A bit stressful.

10 thoughts on “Geranium Leaf Hats

  1. Well, you did great. And I loved the idea of this and watching her work, but I will say that my view was too limited when it came to seeing the hat on her head at the end. That black bar cut off the top, I think? Not your fault, but it was frustrating as I kept wanting to see!


  2. I forgot that home movies in the “old days” didn’t have sound. And I remember that they made people look like they were moving very fast. This was beautiful, though. Just the perfect speed and a great view of your grandmother when she looked into the camera. It’s a treasure for sure! Have you tried making geranium leaf hats since then?


    • No geranium hats for me – I was the tomboy. My sister was much closer to Grandma than I was. What did I know?? From the old home movies much is too light or too dark or too fast. Just a few priceless segments.



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