Gem School in Victor, Nuckolls County Nebraska 1901

gem schoolFound this at a yard sale this morning – a list of scholars at Gem School, District No. 57, May 3, 1901.  My research leads to Victor, Nuckolls county, Nebraska.

The teacher was Mary Boyd.  The director was Eugene McCarthy; treasurer was I. S. Moffett; and moderator was Thomas Karmazin.

gem school intThe students were Fred Gerhart, Nellie Gerhart, Orval Daniel, Celia Yunker, Dora Thompson, Alta Thompson, Gilbert Moffett, Mike Gerhart, Jay Crannel, Earl Daniel, Julia Blaha, Dee Thompson, Robert Theer, Eugene Gerhart, Mary Karmazin, Lawrence Yunker, Grace Daniel, Thomas Karmazin, Ella Thompson, Iva Moffett, Fay Crannel, Charlie Gerhart, Claude Thompson, Annie Schwynorh, Vira Shipp, Alma Shipp, Estel Moffett, and Harry Daniel.
gem school revAnyone here from your family?  Let me know.


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