Birmingham School for Girls Pennsylvania 1906

My grandmother, Ruth Bressler, and her sister, Kate Bressler, attended the Birmingham School for Girls in Pennsylvania.
Birmingham school 1906 grpSeated, L-R:  Norabel Tyson, Big Pine CA; Margaret Klass, Tyrone, PA;  Maude Budinger, Snow Shoe, PA;  Lucile McKee, McKee Mills, PA; Mabel Cook, Belle Vernon, PA; Reba Carskuddon, Lansdowne, PA.
Standing, L-R:  Eleanor Franciscus, Tyrone, PA;  Sarah Chapin, Milton, PA;  Elsa Elder, Dayton, OH; Edith Smith, Birmingham, PA;  Mary Smith, East Liverpool, Ohio; Elsie Ness, Pittsburg, PA;  Edith McCloskey, Holidaysburg, PA;  Kate Bressler, Wayne, NE;  Matilda Cook, Belle Vernon, PA; and Ruth Bressler, Wayne NE.

I’ve done my best deciphering my grandmother’s handwriting, but if you see errors in any of the names, please let me know.


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