Edith Moses Chubb (1882-1972)

This is another set of photos that have survived away from its family.  The Chubbs were  friends of the Bresslers.  The first two photos are labeled “Edith Moses Chubb.”

Edith Moses Chubb, 1904.

Edith Moses Chubb, 1904.

chubb e m 1

This one is labeled “Mr. Chubb, 1356 4th Ave., Davenport, Iowa.”  Chubb is not a frequently heard name, so I’m guessing there’s a connection.
chubb iowaI found her birth (Nebraska) and death (Texas) dates online; her father was F. E. Moses; her son Niles was married to Dr. Dorothy Brewer.  I haven’t documented this properly, just offer it as a possibility.  I would love to return these photos to Edith’s family.


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