1957 Telegram

My mother, Harriet Duncan Claycomb, was in Illinois with her father – I don’t know the details of why she was there, but it appears it was at his request.  She’s sending me birthday greetings, updating Dad on her sister Barbara’s plans, and adding a little romantic closing.
1957 telegram hdc

Claycomb Farm House, Wayne, Nebraska

This is the residence at Cedarhurst, home of my grandparents, Ruth Bressler and Amos Claycomb in Wayne, Nebraska.  The photo was taken about 1920.  I think the car is their 1919 Cadillac.  I cannot identify the children or the horses, a failure I must admit.  Update:  the children on the horses L-R:  William von Seggern, Jr., John Claycomb, and Bill Mellor.
house horses carI wrote about the fate of this house here.

Harriet Duncan and Her In-Laws To Be

This is from one of Mom’s first visit to the Claycomb farm in Wayne, Nebraska, probably 1935 or so.
HDC and ClaycombsJohn Claycomb, Barbara Claycomb, Richard Claycomb, Harriet Duncan, Frank Claycomb, and George Claycomb.  Have to say, I just don’t recognize George – I put his name by elimination.

Card Playing

This was typical of my youth – playing cards with the family and friends.  This was in the early 1960s – Mom, Dad, Thelma and Jim Humphries, Jean (my sister) and Jerry Crews.  There is a Christmas decoration on the table and you can tell it’s winter – there’s a heater under the table.  This house, built in 1960, has radiant heat in the ceiling.  That works okay except for under the table!  Hence, the heater.  Other trendy things in those days:  over my sister’s head is the intercom – with stations in every bedroom, in the garage, and on the patio; the pull down light fixture; the aluminum window frames (to conduct heat in and out), and though you can’t really see it – on the right is a pink formica bar.  Oh I wish I still had that wonderful, now retro piece.
card playing crews humphries heaterLakeside, California, USA.

I.D. Cards

These are two of my father’s i.d. cards.  One is his student activity card for Wayne (Nebraska) State Teachers College.  It surprises me that it would cost $3.25 for one semester in 1933.  Seems pricey.
fec student cardThe other is his Michigan driver’s license for 1936.  It’s printed on shiny paper – like photo paper.  He was 21 and would be getting married that April.
fec mi dl