Yates’ Obituaries

These are obituaries for three members of the Yates family.  John Elvin Yates married Georgia Wild Townsend (sister to my great grandmother Anna Sarah Townsend Claycomb) 7 November 1889 in Sycamore, Illinois.  William Yates was their son.

All obituaries are from the Sycamore True Republican.
yates obit 3yates obit 1yates obit 2

4 thoughts on “Yates’ Obituaries

  1. Very cool stuff! About eight feet behind me is a large cherrywood dresser that once belonged to Captain John Yates, the largest of several things I inherited from the estate of Virginia Yates, one of my great-grandmothers. Due to old family rifts, I don’t know much about the Townsend/Yates history. I’m not huge into genealogy, but finding stuff like this is certainly interesting!



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