Barb’s Coats

In Aunt Barb’s walk-in closet by the front door, she hung all her coats – car-coats, dressy coats, light jackets, in red or brown or green or black.

And in the pocket of each coat was a pair of matching gloves, 35 cents, two pieces of hard candy, and a handkerchief.

2 thoughts on “Barb’s Coats

  1. Those items in each and every coat!? I get the gloves to be prepared to prevent cold hands, the handkerchief for the obvious needs, and the hard candy to tide one over if a meal is too long delayed. But the 35 cents in every coat. . . I figure this must be from back in the days of the pay phone and was emergency money to make a phone call?? Your Aunt was a “Be Prepared” kind of gal! 😉



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