Organ Recital

One of Mom’s phrases was ‘organ recital’ and it has nothing to do with music.  It refers to a group of usually older people who talk about their health issues – ‘my liver this and my gall bladder that.”  I see it often now that I’m older, that health is a major topic when my friends gather.

Forgive me, I do not choose to join the organ recital.

4 thoughts on “Organ Recital

  1. Oh, I love that photo of your mother! I didn’t get to know her very well in person, but that weekend in San Diego was a total hoot!


  2. Oh! Come on…Organ recitals are exciting. What a great sense of humor Harriet had. We all laughed a lot when we visited Harriet and Frank. Couldn’t wait for Frank to show us his next trick.



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