Anna Sarah Townsend Claycomb

The woman in the hammock is my great-grandmother, Anna Sarah Townsend Claycomb (1864-1892), wife of Frank Erwin Claycomb.  She is at a TB sanitarium in southern California, possibly Pasadena.  The year is about 1892.  I can’t prove it, but the family story is that the toddler is her youngest child, George Francis Claycomb, born 1889.  George becomes the father of the ‘Idaho Claycombs.’

Her residence was in Sycamore, illinois, but she made this trip to improve her health.  It wasn’t successful.

The photo is interesting because of the formal dress on people (family?) and the Asian care takers.  I’m glad they are included in the photograph.

2 thoughts on “Anna Sarah Townsend Claycomb

  1. What a remarkable photograph. I would never have guessed that it was taken at a sanitarium. Do you have any thoughts on who the woman might be who is holding George? Maybe a friend or relative? The presence of the Chinese orderlies is very unusual. I’ve never seen a photo like this.

    Very sorry to read that Anna Sarah was lost to the family at such a young age.


    • Anna comes from a well-to-do family. She wouldn’t have traveled alone, especially with a toddler. So I think some of these folks must be family. And/or personal nurses?
      She was a great loss. She was an artist and the only other genealogist that I knew of in the family.

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