Genealogy is quite addictive.  I started decades ago doing the research and recently have inherited many family documents and photos.  This I Leave is the place I can share these things.  It’s a good way for everyone to have the photos of our ancestors – they should be available for family members, especially distant cousins that I don’t yet know.

I would love to hear from anyone touched by these photos and stories.

Family names include Claycomb, Duncan, Bressler, Oakland, Alderman, Bell, Biddlecombe, Boynton, Brown, Brundage, Cation, Denman, Egeland, English, Fair, Gochenour, Goddard, Lain, Love, Lurvey, Mather, McDaniels, Mercer, Patchen, Pierce, Rosenberry, Sanderson, Tannehill, Tapper, Townsend, Treat, Voaklander, von Seggern, Wild, Wiswall, Yates, and more.

Localities include Illinois, Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin, New York, Scotland, Norway, Germany, and others.

Earlier excerpts from my grandfather’s diaries and other family stories were posted on my first blog Alwaysbackroads.wordpress.com under those tabs at the top of the page.



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  1. Oh I’m glad I found your site (after you liked one of my street art photos). I’m also addicted to genealogy, but have been hesitant to start a genealogy site – because I might never stop!!! So thanks for doing this 🙂 I’m going to spend some time looking at your site.


  2. Just had a look at your site, love it. I love genealogy, spent a couple of years researching my family history, have reached a bit of a dead end now, but your site has inspired me to get back on track!


  3. I love your blog. I am particularly interested in Cassie Rosenberry and her family. Do you have any information about her mother, Charlotte? I am trying to make a connection between her and the Shaul family. I absolutely love the photographs on this site. What a treasure! Thank you for sharing.


    • Cassie is one of my favorite relatives, and I have found out little about her mother. I’ve been looking for Charlotte Shaw born in Vermont about 1802. The spellings are very close, so there’s a good chance of connection. Her husband Thomas Rosenberry was born about 1809 in Maryland, but I have no documentation for that (just family stories). In 1870 Charlotte was living with Cassie and her family in Osage, Mitchell county, Iowa (census info). That’s about all I know. If you find more, I’d love to hear about it. Thanks for stopping by.


  4. Hi! I also have roots in DeKalb County, IL. I love your blog! I also write about local history topics relating to DeKalb County. Right now I’m working on a project about women from DeKalb County who served and/or volunteered during WWII. I believe that two women mentioned in your blog, Barbara and Helen Duncan, served and volunteered during the war. Do you have any stories about their service?


    • Hi, It’s so nice to hear from you and learn about your project. Definitely my aunt Helen was in the service. I’m not sure about Barbara. I’ll forward this message to my cousins who can tell you more about their mothers.
      You might want to check my first blog (alwaysbackroads.wordpress.com) – at first I put everything there – photos, genealogy, whatever. Then I made this blog for just genealogy.
      Let’s keep in touch.

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      • Thanks! I believe that I’m in contact with one of them, who told me about Helen’s service. I wasn’t aware that she had served. Barbara is named in an honor roll of those who served during WWII, but perhaps it was a mistake and they meant to name Helen!



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