Walter’s Chums

That’s the title on the back of this photo:  Walter’s Chums.  Later someone added:  Audrey Danner, Vern McKenzie, Walter Ely, Donald Wallingford, and Henry Peck.  I don’t recognize the handwriting.  It’s probably DeKalb, Illinois (or Wayne, Nebraska).  Any help will be appreciated.

Civil War Calling Cards

I’m calling these Civil War calling cards.  They belonged to men who served in the war with Thomas Cation Duncan in the Wisconsin 1st Cavalry.  I’m not positive that’s the proper name for these, so if you know a better name, let me know.
One is for W. H. Tripp of Milan, Missouri and the other for S. W. Harrington of Hull, Iowa.
WI 1st Cav cards

Edith Moses Chubb (1882-1972)

This is another set of photos that have survived away from its family.  The Chubbs were  friends of the Bresslers.  The first two photos are labeled “Edith Moses Chubb.”

Edith Moses Chubb, 1904.

Edith Moses Chubb, 1904.

chubb e m 1

This one is labeled “Mr. Chubb, 1356 4th Ave., Davenport, Iowa.”  Chubb is not a frequently heard name, so I’m guessing there’s a connection.
chubb iowaI found her birth (Nebraska) and death (Texas) dates online; her father was F. E. Moses; her son Niles was married to Dr. Dorothy Brewer.  I haven’t documented this properly, just offer it as a possibility.  I would love to return these photos to Edith’s family.

Willard School Pasadena California 1945

Here’s my sister’s class photo from 1945 – Mrs. Anderson’s class at Frances E. Willard School in Pasadena, California.  Jeanie would have been about 6, so I’m thinking this is first grade.
Willard sch 1945And Mom labeled the photo – most of the kids anyway.  Apologies to those that she didn’t know.
Willard sch 1945 namesThe surnames are Morris, Lambert, Curry, Alten, Osborne, Gardner, Grizzle, Hemphill, Sand, Fernandez, Russell, Shirley, Argetsinger, Rhone, Wilson, Claycomb, Hanson, Woods, and Gaston.

Huckins – Stephenson Link

Here’s a guest blog from my cousin, Jim McDaniels.  I appreciate having guest bloggers – thanks!  And I also like having family mementos returned to the closer branch of the family.

Grandpa Thomas Leroy ‘Roy’ Duncan married Florence Huckins Duncan (1890-1960) in 1931, grandpa’s second marriage. Our grandmother, Albie Oakland (1888-1927) and Roy were married in 1911 as described in Donna’s blog. The McDaniels family, Jim, Barbara (daughter of Roy Duncan), Jamie and Jerry, visited Roy and Florence in 1953. They were living with Edith Huckins Norris, Florence’s sister, in Rockford. A cool, big old house filled with art (shrunken head, swords, first edition books, etc.).

L-R: Unknown, Unknown, Edith Huckins Norris, Unknown, Florence Huckins Duncan, Thomas Leroy Duncan. Early 1950s?

L-R: Unknown, Unknown, Edith Huckins Norris, Unknown, Florence Huckins Duncan, Thomas Leroy Duncan. Early 1950s?

After Florence’s death grandpa married Marcella Rice and moved to Kings, Illinois to live in Marcella’s parents’ home (and maybe her grandparents’ home). In 1981 I visited them and Marcella showed me lots of stuff that grandpa had been saving for years. After grandpa died in 1983, Marcella sent me a box of cool stuff. Several items I could not identify. There was a box of WW1 letters was described earlier in Donna’s blog. There was a diary from around 1820 with Stephenson information. I did not recognize the name and I contacted our genealogy expert, Donna. Donna said there was a Stephenson somewhere in the Huckins tree.

I got the names and birth dates from the diary to give me a start. The Stacey Stephenson Roper tree (on identified the Stephenson’s beginning in 1579 in England and emigrating to Jamestown in 1640.  I was able to contact Stacey. She was a big help and very interested in genealogy.  The diary kept by Matthew James Stephenson (1778-1837) identified his children/dates. Tracing down from there Mary Delilah Stephenson (1851-1931) married Sewell Brainard Huckins (1852-1915) who were the parents of Florence, Edith and two brothers, Harold and Payson. Stacey now has the diary.

Gem School in Victor, Nuckolls County Nebraska 1901

gem schoolFound this at a yard sale this morning – a list of scholars at Gem School, District No. 57, May 3, 1901.  My research leads to Victor, Nuckolls county, Nebraska.

The teacher was Mary Boyd.  The director was Eugene McCarthy; treasurer was I. S. Moffett; and moderator was Thomas Karmazin.

gem school intThe students were Fred Gerhart, Nellie Gerhart, Orval Daniel, Celia Yunker, Dora Thompson, Alta Thompson, Gilbert Moffett, Mike Gerhart, Jay Crannel, Earl Daniel, Julia Blaha, Dee Thompson, Robert Theer, Eugene Gerhart, Mary Karmazin, Lawrence Yunker, Grace Daniel, Thomas Karmazin, Ella Thompson, Iva Moffett, Fay Crannel, Charlie Gerhart, Claude Thompson, Annie Schwynorh, Vira Shipp, Alma Shipp, Estel Moffett, and Harry Daniel.
gem school revAnyone here from your family?  Let me know.

Jessie Tucker 1903

This is Jessie Tucker, a friend of my grandmother’s.  Grandma kept the photo – she wrote on the back.  It says “Jessie Tucker 1903” – this makes me think she was a friend at Birmingham School for Girls in Pennsylvania.  The other option is that she was a friend from home, that is, Wayne Nebraska.  But Jessie is not part of our family and I’d love to her relatives have this photo.  Do you know Jessie?
jessie tucker

Easter 1950

Some family had a lovely Easter in 1950.  I just don’t know who they are.  I’m going to guess that they were in California – no one is bundled up for winter!
easter 1950 1smThe woman on the right below looks vaguely familiar.  I know, that’s no help at all.
easter 1950 2sm 
This is another in my ‘lost and found’ category.  Always hopeful that someone will recognize the people in the photos – anyone?