Sycamore Illinois School 1892

This damaged photo is from a school in Sycamore, Illinois, about 1892.  Some names can still be read.  And I can see my grandfather, Amos Claycomb, in the second row, 4th from the right.  Also on the photo, but not scanned:  “Prof A. J. Blanchard” and “Anna Tepson” who might be the teachers.
amos 1892 schoolThis is how I see the names:
Third row from top left to right are
1.  Ralph Horn
2.  Ernest Husberg
4.  Eddie Peterson
5.  Bert Stroberg
6.  Earl Van Galder
8.  Mable Hix
9.  Diana Harrington
10. Ruth Townsend

Bottom row left to right are
Roy Knights and Cecil Wyman…

Next to last row left to right are
___ Harmes; Max (Mary?) Librant; Bessie
… Hilda Anderson; ___; …Morris, Ethel Chatfield, Fran…

Fred Beckler, …Amos Claycomb [4th from right in 2nd row]


F. A. Dearborn House Wayne Nebraska

unknown houseSometimes family heirlooms go down the ‘wrong’ branch.  An in-law or second spouse ends up with your family photos.  After a few generations it’s as if they didn’t exist.  This is a photo on which my grandmother wrote “F. A. Dearborn 1892” and later added a street address.  There are no Dearborns in our family.  In her town of Wayne, Nebraska there is a Pearl Street and a Logan Street near downtown.  The town was founded in 1881, so I wouldn’t expect many buildings by 1892.   The houses in this photos are spread apart, but are quite large.

unknown house rev

The mystery for me is who is F. A. Dearborn.  I have found in state and federal censuses a Frank A. Dearborn who lived in Wayne in 1885 and 1900.  I’ve sent an email to a researcher who lists that name in her family tree.  I hope it is her family.  This photo needs to go to its home.