Nebraska Commencement 1940

EPSON MFP imageIn 1940 my Aunt Barb received her BA in Education for Nebraska State Teachers’ College in Wayne, Nebraska.  She save the announcement, the program and mimeograph pages of the Commencement Week program with instructions on how to dress for the ceremonies and how to behave during them.

EPSON MFP imageEPSON MFP imageEPSON MFP imageEPSON MFP image1940 barbQuite an exciting time for a 22 year old farm girl from Wayne.  I’m not sure of the timeline, but I think she went to Chicago to attend a business college after this.  As far as I know she never taught school.  Oh, the questions I wish I had asked her.

Wayne State Teachers’ College Postcard 1940

Football WSTC pc


According to her note on the reverse, this card was sent to my Aunt Barb November 3, 1940.  It seems reasonable that the players and  schedule are from the 1940 season, but it doesn’t say that.  It was sent in an envelope, so there is no postmark.

The players across the top L-R:  Lindahl “Joe”, R. Garvin, W. Best, R. Childs, F. Murray, H. Purtzer, E. Theel, D Hungerford, Q. Fox, H. Morgan, C. Wehrer, V. Smith.

In the middle: Morrison “Head Coach”, “JIM”, Chrry “Asst Coach”, and “BINK”

Bottom Row L-R:  B. Splichal, L. Mullens, M. Gailey, C. Garvin, F. Webb, K. Spann, T. Farner, A. Killian, J. Riley, D. Peterson, A. Mitchell, S. Juzek,  E. Nitz.

It’s fun to see that admission to any of the games was 40¢.