Amos Claycomb’s October 1910 Diary

Important names in this month’s entries:  Victor = Amos’ Victor Talking Machine, a record player that he took when he went visiting.  Ruth Bressler = his future wife who he met last month; she was visiting Harkers.  Harker = Mrs. Harker is Ruth’s sister, Maud.  Amos seems to spend a lot of time this month at their house.  Art Gochenour = Amos’ sister Eleanor’s husband as of the 27th.  

Saturday, October 1, 1910
Homer cut kaffir all day and I shocked this p.m.  Took Victor up to Bushland tonight and played cribbage with Harker.

Sunday, October 2, 1910
Took Victor up to Northcutt’s this p.m.

Monday, October 3, 1910
Went to Amarillo with Harker family this noon and took in Forepaugh’s and Sell’s circus with them.  Came back tonight.

100110 L

Tuesday, October 4, 1910
Finished cutting kaffir today and started on the sorghum.

Wednesday, October 5, 1910
Cut sorghum all day.

100510 L

Thursday, October 6, 1910
Homer cut sorghum today while I went to Amarillo on the train after some header repairs.

100610 L

Friday, October 7, 1910
Quit cutting sorghum and started on the maize with the row binder as the header-binder could not handle it.

Saturday, October 8, 1910
Homer cut maize all day while I was shocking it.  Drove pony over to Harker’s tonight.

1910 horse in front of shop

Sunday, October 9, 1910
Drove over to Allred’s this a.m. with Homer.  Bought a bay filly this p.m. from a fellow from Ariz. who was driving across country.  Filly had been cut in wire and could not travel.

100910 L

Monday, October 10, 1910
Russell drove to Amarillo today and I staid home all day.

Tuesday, October 11, 1910
Cut feed today.  Rented Paine’s row binder today and shall run two machines.

101110 L

Wednesday, October 12, 1910
Both Homer and I cut maize today.

Thursday, October 13, 1910
Cut maize all day.

Friday, October 14, 1910
Cut maize all day.

Saturday, October 15, 1910
Cut maize all day.  Drove over to Harker’s tonight.

Sunday, October 16, 1910
Staid around the house all day.  Arthur Norman and his wife move some of their stuff over today and he will start working tomorrow.

Monday, October 17, 1910
Russell and Norman cut feed today while I went to Amarillo on the train.

101710 L

Tuesday, October 18, 1910
Norman and I cut feed all day.

Wednesday, October 19, 1910
Norther blowing so hard today that we did not work.

Thursday, October 20, 1910
Snowed most of last night and until noon today but melted fast. Did not work.  Drove over to Harker’s after supper.

Friday, October 21, 1910
Russell and Norman cut maize this p.m.

Saturday, October 22, 1910
Ditto all day.  Drove over to Harker’s after supper and played cards.

102210 L

Sunday, October 23, 1910
Ate dinner at Harker’s and staid there most of the p.m.

Monday, October 24, 1910
Finished cutting maize this a.m. and hauled a load to the barn after dinner.

102410 L

Tuesday, October 25, 1910
Arthur and I hauled feed and stacked it in the stack yard today.

102510 L

Wednesday, October 26, 1910

102610 L

Thursday, October 27, 1910
Norther blowing hard all day.  Arthur and I hauled up a couple of loads of maize this a.m. but worked around the barn this p.m.  Bought a wagon and misc. of Rogers this p.m.   Eleanor married to Art Gochenour today according to mail advices.

102710 L

Friday, October 28, 1910
Hauled up a couple of loads of maize today and picked up some maize heads.

102810 L

Saturday, October 29, 1910
Hauled maize this a.m. and went over after a wagon I bought of Rogers after supper.  Drove pony over to Harker’s and played cards after supper.

Sunday, October 30, 1910
Drove out the springs in the breaks today and had dinner with the Harker family and Armstrong.

Monday, October 31, 1910
Drove into Amarillo this forenoon with Ruth Bressler and came back this afternoon.  Ate supper at the Harker’s.

103110 L

Amos Claycomb’s September 1910 Diary

This was a huge month for my grandfather, although he may not have realized it at the time.  He met his future wife.  And he received the Victor Talking Machine, a portable record player that enhanced his growing social life.

Thursday, September 1, 1910
Papered dining room and hall today and then drove Rev. Edwards back to town.

090110 L

Friday, September 2, 1910
Made a couple of small lots in the hog pen this a.m. and cut some maize for the hogs this p.m.

Saturday, September 3, 1910
Nothing doing.  Drove pony over to Bush tonight and attended a dance given by the Harkers.  Present were the Misses Russell and Miss Williams from Am- and Miss Bressler from Neb.  Gentlemen as usual.

ruth  aug 1910 or 11

Miss Bressler is Ruth, daughter of John and Julia Fair Bressler,
of Wayne, Nebraska. She is visiting her sister, Maud Bressler, who
is married to O.(Obert or “Bert”) A. Harker, of Bushland, Texas.

Sunday, September 4, 1910
Spent the day in Bush in social festivities.

Monday, September 5, 1910
Drove to Bush with Homer who was after some lumber and from there I drove to Amarillo with Bush and Harker who joined the Elks tonight.

Tuesday, September 6, 1910
Spent day in Am- and came home on night train.

090610 L

Wednesday, September 7, 1910
Finished stack yard today and cut some maize for the hogs.

090710 L

Thursday, September 8, 1910
Started to cut kaffir corn with the row binder this a.m. but it was so short and weedy that we had to quit.

Friday, September 9, 1910
Drove pony to Wil- after mail this a.m.  Sold wheat at a rate of .95 for #2 wheat altho mine will bring only .91 because of smut and short weight.  Am to deliver Monday.  Hauled the kaffir corn we cut yesterday up to the barn today.

Saturday, September 10, 1910
Rode horseback 12 miles south to the canyon today to an auction with Russell.  Drove over to Harker’s tonight and played cards.

Sunday, September 11, 1910
Drove to Wildorado this p.m. and played tennis with Carrol, Arabel and Lucile.

Monday, September 12, 1910
Hauled wheat to town today with Russell – two loads each.

Tuesday, September 13, 1910
Finished hauling wheat today.

Wednesday, September 14, 1910
Started to cut maize today with the row binder.  Does well enough when the maize is tall enough.

Thursday, September 15, 1910
Homer cut maize all day.  I shocked for a while this p.m.  My Victor Talking Machine came today.  Drove over to Bush tonight.

091510 L

Friday, September 16, 1910
Homer helped Rogers stack millet this a.m.  Drove team to Bush this p.m. and got a binder attachment for the header.

Saturday, September 17, 1910
Went to Amarillo today with Harker and family and came back tonight.

091710 L

Sunday, September 18, 1910
Staid around the house all day.  Drove over to Bushland tonight after some binder material.

Monday, September 19, 1910
Ten little pigs arrived this morning.  Homer cut maize all day.

Tuesday, September 20, 1910
Worked on header binder all day.

Wednesday, September 21, 1910
Shocked some maize this forenoon.   Homer cut maize this p.m. while I helped an expert put the binder attachment on my header.

Thursday, September 22, 1910
Went to town on train today to get some repairs for binder.

092210 L

Friday, September 23, 1910
Shocked and then hauled some maize this a.m.  Started the 12-foot binder this p.m. but had trouble most of the time.

092310 L

Saturday, September 24, 1910
Cut kaffir all day, but had trouble most of the time.  Drove over to Harker’s tonight and played cards.

Sunday, September 25, 1910
Took Talking Machine up to Goodman’s this p.m. and played for them.

Monday, September 26, 1910
Hard norther blowing this a.m. and we didn’t start to cut kaffir until after dinner.  One of my sows brought three pigs this a.m.

Tuesday, September 27, 1910|
Cut kaffir corn all day.

Wednesday, September 28, 1910
Homer cut kaffir this a.m. and went to Norman’s wedding this p.m.  I shocked for a while this forenoon and caught up this p.m.  Cloudy tonight and sprinkling a little.

092810 L

Thursday, September 29, 1910
Homer cut kaffir corn all day.  Went to Amarillo on the train at noon and came back tonight.

092910 L

Friday, September 30, 1910
Worked on kaffir all day.  Called at Goodman’s tonight with the talking machine.

093010 L