Hollywood Nights

My parents, Frank and Harriet Claycomb, moved to Hollywood California in 1939 – in time for their first born child to have that glamorous birthplace.  I think this was an exciting time in my parents’ lives.  They were in their early 20s and Hollywood star power was at a peak.  The Wizard of Oz was released that year and Gone With the Wind in 1940.  Mom said she often saw big stars at local stores.  It was almost a small town atmosphere.

Dad was a salesman for Anaconda and often entertained customers at night clubs.  These are souvenir photos from two of those evenings.

Folder for Florentine Gardens.

(about 1942) L-R: __, Sally Chamberlain, Frank Claycomb, Harriet Claycomb, __, Blair Chamberlain, __, __.

On the reverse of the Florentine Gardens folder, it states one can write for additional copies from Hollywood Nite Club Photos – $1.00 each plus 10 cents for mailing.

February 1940. L-R: Frank Claycomb, Cele Snow, W. E. Sprackling, Harriet Claycomb, Herbert Hawks, Win Snow, Mrs. Hawks, E. A. Casey, Mrs. W. E. Sprackling.

Jerry’s Joynt Chinatown 1941

JJ photo folderMy parents lived in Hollywood, California for a few years soon after they were married.  Dad was a salesman for Anaconda and often had to entertain clients.  It was a fun time to live in Hollywood before World War II.  Here’s one of the souvenir photos they had taken at Jerry’s Joynt in Chinatown near Los Angeles.  It was taken in early 1941.



jerrys joynt photo

On the reverse of the photo my Dad has written:  Jerry’s Joynt  about 1941, Ferguson Alley (Chinatown) – Los Angeles
L-R:  Blair Chamberlain (Cutler Hammer)
Mary Smedley
Frank Claycomb (Anaconda Wire & Cable Co.)
Sally Chamberlain
Doc (AB) Smedley (Anaconda Wire & Cable Co.)
Harriet Claycomb

JJ photo folder 2

And if they needed copies…

JJ photo folder rev