Club Week in The Nebraska Farmer

The previous post was my father’s article about Club week.  Here is how The Nebraska Farmer covered it in 1927 – most of the article – the lower half wasn’t saved.
nebraska farmer articleAnd here is a larger image of the group.  The only one who looks like my father is the boy in the center front row with the circle on his vest.
nebraska farmer photo

Club Week Lincoln, Nebraska 1927

FEC to FEC envelopeMy father attended Club Week in Lincoln Nebraska in 1927 when he was twelve years old.  This is the article he wrote for the local paper.  And then a letter his grandfather wrote to him after reading the story.

FEC club week article p1FEC club week article p2FEC club week article p3FEC club week article p4

Dad was named for his grandfather, Frank E. Claycomb, who did not sign this letter.

FEC to FEC letter 0827