F. A. Dearborn House Wayne Nebraska

unknown houseSometimes family heirlooms go down the ‘wrong’ branch.  An in-law or second spouse ends up with your family photos.  After a few generations it’s as if they didn’t exist.  This is a photo on which my grandmother wrote “F. A. Dearborn 1892” and later added a street address.  There are no Dearborns in our family.  In her town of Wayne, Nebraska there is a Pearl Street and a Logan Street near downtown.  The town was founded in 1881, so I wouldn’t expect many buildings by 1892.   The houses in this photos are spread apart, but are quite large.

unknown house rev

The mystery for me is who is F. A. Dearborn.  I have found in state and federal censuses a Frank A. Dearborn who lived in Wayne in 1885 and 1900.  I’ve sent an email to a researcher who lists that name in her family tree.  I hope it is her family.  This photo needs to go to its home.