Von Seggern Auto Company

On October 11, 1911 my great-grandfather, John T. Bressler, started an automobile company in Wayne, Nebraska with two other men, William E. Von Seggern, and Fred G. Philleo.  This handwritten agreement was in a ledger labelled “The Von Seggern Auto Co.”

von seggern auto agreement 1911

1911 is pretty early to be starting a car company in Nebraska, but they did it.  William Von Seggern’s son, William, married John Bressler’s daughter, Kate, in April 1911.  I don’t know any connection to Fred Philleo.  The pages of the ledger relating to the car company have been torn out.  My grandmother used the rest of the pages for her household accounting from 1937 to about 1965.
vsac ledger