2027 Stanley Hills Drive Hollywood California

This is where my parents lived when they first came to California in 1939.  They rented 2027 Stanley Hills Drive in the Hollywood hills.  The house was built in 1938.  They may have been the first tenants.

2027 is at the center of the photo – part of a duplex.

It’s fun to compare it with a Google Earth shot taken in December 2017.

Dearborn Discovered

unknown houseLast Wednesday I posted a photo of a house that belonged to F. A. Dearborn and I had no idea who he was.  I put a query on Ancestry to someone who had a Frank Dearborn in her family and it turn out he is hers!  So the photo has been mailed.  Another piece of the puzzle returned to the proper family!  I love the internet – it wouldn’t have been so easy without it.