Amos Claycomb’s February 1909 Diary

atc 010209Monday, February 1, 1909
Took final exam in Astronomy this a.m.  Went up town for short time this p.m.   Read “The Red Mouse” tonight.

Tuesday, February 2, 1909
Staid around the house most all day and studied.

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Wednesday, February 3, 1909
Took final exam in History 14 (Constitutional His. of the U.S.) this a.m.  Played pool with Billie McKelvey for a while after dinner and then bowled a couple of games.  Tried eating again today for the first time since last Thurs. as I have a fair case of jaundice.

Thursday, February 4, 1909
Bowled a few games with some of the fellows at the Y.M.C.A. this a.m.   Played a couple of games of billiards up town this p.m.  Went to see the vaudeville at the “Walker” tonight.

atc 060209Friday, February 5, 1909
Played billiards all afternoon with Herbie Juul.

Saturday, February 6, 1909
Played billiards all afternoon with Art Morris and Herbie Juul.  Saw freshmen track meet between Chicago & Illinois tonight with George Beardsley.  Illinois won by score of 44 1/2 24 1/2.

Sunday, February 7, 1909
Called at A. Riley’s and Alta Swigart’s this p.m.  Helen Edwards is visiting at latter place.

Monday, February 8, 1909
Started classes again today for the second semester.  Fraternity meeting tonight.

Tuesday, February 9, 1909
Nothing doing today.

Wednesday, February 10, 1909
Down town for a while this p.m.  Took Helen J. to see basketball game between the varsity and Minnesota which the former won in last 30 seconds of play by score of 21-20.

Thursday, February 11, 1909
Bowled in first match game in the interfraternity league against the Phi Kaps tonight.  We won by score of 2403 – 2218.  Clemmons averaged 189; Beardsley 155, McKelvey 151; Kimbell 149 and myself 157.  Clemmons had high score – 217.

atc 120209Friday, February 12, 1909
Took A. Riley to our annual formal party tonight which was held at Illinois Hall.  Dance lasted till 4 a.m. but I didn’t get to bed until 8 a.m.   Staid up at Riley’s until some friends of hers left on an early train.

Saturday, February 13, 1909
Slept from 8 till 11:45 this a.m.  Went to see the vaudeville at the Walker with some of the fellows this p.m.  Took A. Riley to see basketball game with Chicago & Illinois tonight which former won by score 17 – 15 in a very exciting game.  Carl Watson, one of our fellows, made 13 out of the 15 points, and made 7 free throws without a miss.

Sunday, February 14, 1909
Called on Helen Edwards at Swigarts this p.m. and staid there for lunch.

Monday, February 15, 1909
Fraternity meeting tonight.  Has been snowing all day.

Tuesday, February 16, 1909
Snowed all last night and today.

Wednesday, February 17, 1909
Took Helen J. to see basketball game between the varsity and Purdue tonight.  Varsity won by score of 24-18 in a rather uninteresting game.

Thursday, February 18, 1909
Bowled in match fraternity game against the S.A.E.’s this p.m. which we won by score of 2224 -2209.  134 – 157 -155.  Staid home tonight.

Friday, February 19, 1909
Went up to Armory and watched the dancers at the Military Ball with Pope for a short time tonight.

Saturday, February 20, 1909
Bowled for a while this a.m. and then went to an eleven o’clock class.  Bowled and played billiards all the p.m.

Sunday, February 21, 1909
Had picture taken this a.m.  Staid home all the rest of the day.

Monday, February 22, 1909
Fraternity meeting tonight.  Went down to see the vaudeville at the “Walker” afterwards with Beardsley.

Tuesday, February 23, 1909
No excitement.

atc 260209Wednesday, February 24, 1909
Nothing doing.

Thursday, February 25, 1909
Bowled in match game this p.m.  Attended smoker given by Bro. DeWolf to the fraternity at his home tonight.

Friday, February 26, 1909
Everything quiet.

Saturday, February 27, 1909
Took special exam in Political Science I this a.m.  Bowled for a while this p.m. and then went up town.  Went to the “Walker” tonight with some of the fellows and then played billiards with McKee for a while.

Sunday, February 28, 1909
Went to the Baptist Church this a.m. with Beardsley.  Called on Lola M. this p.m.  Ate lunch at Riley’s.  Lorenz and Bess Judson there.