Claycomb Townsend Family 1898

Claycomb family abt 1898

This family photograph was taken in 1898, most likely in Sycamore, Illinois.  Some of the identities I’m sure of.  We have a list of people written in shaky, old person handwriting, but done well after the time of the photo – there are several unknowns.  Even later, my father tried to link the names to the people, so we gained a few more.  And here we are 115 years after the fact, trying to put names on people.  This is the most common genealogical problem!

On the second image I have printed names.  I marked a few unknowns (children) with letters.

Claycomb family 1898 labelledHere’s my list:

Frank E. Claycomb family
This is my great grandfather (son-in-law of Eleanor Townsend).  His wife was deceased by this time.  His children:  Amos (my grandfather) – I’m sure of this identity (he has a distinctive look), but it wasn’t marked on previous lists.  Eleanor, Edward, and George.  I’m not sure of the George Claycomb (right side) label.  Then there is Louise who I have not found in this photo.  Update:  A = Louise Claycomb (Love).

Georgia Townsend Yates family
Georgia is the daughter of Eleanor Townsend.  Her husband John Yates is not present.  Her children (identified on the early list) are Dorothy, Marjorie and Margaret (twins – who can tell them apart?).  She also has a son, Oscar, born about 1896.  He could be one of the unidentified young people.

Frederick & Mary Boynton Townsend family
Frederick is the son of Eleanor Townsend.  Frederick and Mary’s children are Charles (b 1892) and Eleanor (b 1896).  Update:  B = Charles.  C = Eleanor.

Charles and Jennie Webster family
Jennie is the daughter of Eleanor Townsend.  Their children are Marion (female) (b 1887), Frederick (b 1888), and Pierce (b 1891).  Pierce was identified on the early list; I’ve guessed about Marion; and have no idea about Frederick.

On the upper right is Angeline Allen, who was identified as the pensioner maid (I would love to know the meaning of that).  In Amos Claycomb’s July 1902 diary he mentioned her death.  He wrote “At the home of William Young, Angeline died at the age of 75 years.  She was my old nurse and has lived most of the time with Grandma Townsend for the last forty years.  She died of a goiter which troubled her for a few months before her death.”  From this appears she was born about 1827.

Now for the old folks in the photo.  Daniel Pierce (1814-1902) is the father of Eleanor Pierce Townsend (1839-1904).  Her daughter Mary Townsend (later married Will Tapper) is identified in the early list.  And the very old woman holding the baby:  Not identified on early lists, but I’m guessing that this is Ann Denman Townsend (1809-1902).  This is very exciting to me because she is my great great great grandmother and what a treat to have a photo of her.  She lived in the area and I’m sure would be included at such an important family gathering.

I hope that someone can help with these identities – I’m quite open getting them right.