Grandma’s Mustard Sauce

We fixed Grandma’s mustard sauce every time we had ham.  Okay, we rarely had ham, but this was required.  Here’s Ruth Bressler Claycomb’s recipe card in her handwriting.

rbc mustard sauce

Mustard Sauce
1/2 bottle French’s mustard (large half)
1 c sugar
2 Tbsp flour (rounded)
Mix above ingredients together.
1/2 c vinegar
1 c boiling water poured over 1 bouillon cube
1/4 c butter
Add liquid to dry ingredients – cook until thick – add butter.

My favorite part of this recipe is the 1/2 bottle of French’s mustard.  Possibly it came in only one size then.  It reminds me of Mom’s dear friend Adj’s recipe for Quick Tamale Pie – the ingredients include 1 15¢ bag Fritos.  That’s about 1 1/2 Fritos at today’s prices.

Best Birthday Cake

Donna with The Cake in the kitchen of the Oak Drive house.

Donna with The Cake in the kitchen of the Oak Drive house.

THE birthday cake in our house was Mom’s Midnight Cake with the 7-minute frosting.  A super dark chocolate cake with a fluffy white vanilla frosting.  It was great when it was first made, but the next day, the frosting was slightly crystallized and I liked that even better!

This would be a perfect day for that cake!


midnight cake


7 minute frosting

From her much used “My Better Homes & Garden Cook Book”