Amos Claycomb’s June 1911 Diary

Amos took his horse “Prince” to be doctored; the only costs I see are a few dollars for livery.  It’s a month for animal problems – besides Prince, there are runaway mules.

Thursday, June 1, 1911
Hitched horse mule and Belle to wagon and put a gate in south fence after dinner.  Then drove “Blanche” over to Womble’s.

Friday, June 2, 1911
Drove pony to Amarillo and took “Prince” along.  Went to dance at Elk’s with Miss Dunlap and staid at Arthur Mc’s.
060211 L

Saturday, June 3, 1911
“Prince” doctored today.  Staid in town until six o’clock and then drove home.
060311 L

Sunday, June 4, 1911
Staid home all day except for going after the mail this a.m.  Very warm and sultry.  Looked over my row crop which is doing very well altho it is pretty weedy.  The wheat is coming fine since the rain.

Monday, June 5, 1911
I planted maize this a.m. and rolled sod most of the p.m.  Norman finished plowing this p.m.

Tuesday, June 6, 1911
Norman finished planting maize this p.m.  It sprinkled for a few minutes after dinner.
060611 L

Wednesday, June 7, 1911
Norman and I headed maize all day.
060711 L

Thursday, June 8, 1911
Hauled feed most of the a.m. and fixed fence this p.m.  Rode pony over to Harker’s after supper and played chess.

Friday, June 9, 1911
Arthur and I hoed Russian thistle out of the east forty this a.m.  Arthur took “Blanche” over to Womble’s this p.m.  It rained for 20 or 30 minutes just before sunset, with a good deal of hail.
[Russian thistle is better known today as tumbleweed.  It was introduced to the US in the Dakotas in 1870s in flaxseed from Russia.  By 1911 it had become a problem in Texas for Amos and other farmers, and today is a noxious weed.]

Saturday, June 10, 1911
Drove pony to Amarillo this a.m.  Staid with Arthur Mc- all night.
061011 L

Sunday, June 11, 1911
In town all day.  Started home about 8:30 tonight and stopped at Bush- for a short time.

Monday, June 12, 1911
Drove pony up town after the mail this a.m.  Very warm all day and almost no wind.
061211 L

Tuesday, June 13, 1911
Sold 10 young shoats to Potter Co. poor farm at 6 cents a lb. but one died from the heat while we were penning them.

Wednesday, June 14, 1911
Got up early and delivered shoats to Poor Farm this a.m.  Arthur drove the wagon while I went in the buggy to get Prince in Amarillo but he is still in too bad shape to bring out here.  9 shoats weighed 940 lbs.
061411 L

Thursday, June 15, 1911
Nothing doing.
061511 L

Friday, June 16, 1911
Drove to Am- this a.m. and went to Elk dance tonight.
061611 L

Saturday, June 17, 1911
In town all day.  Played cards tonight.
061711 L

Sunday, June 18, 1911
In town all day.  “Prince” has contracted blood poisoning in one of his hind legs and is in bad shape.  Have not much hope now of his living much longer.

Monday, June 19, 1911
Drove home this forenoon.  Norman drove team up town this p.m. after some homco and freight.
061911 L

Tuesday, June 20, 1911
Nothing doing.
062011 L

Wednesday, June 21, 1911
Rode pony over to the Gray ranch this p.m. to look at some pigs but didn’t buy.

Thursday, June 22, 1911
Rented my header to Richards for the season and we have been trying to set it up today.
Drove up town after supper.

Friday, June 23, 1911
Finished setting up header this p.m. and Richards took it home.  He had a run-away about 1\4 mile up the road and went thru my fence into the pasture.  The header was hardly hurt at all but one mule was cut pretty badly.
062311 L

Saturday, June 24, 1911
Hauled 5 barrows and one stag up to yards today to be shipped to Fort Worth.  Barrows averaged 281 lbs and stag 535.  Hot wind blowing all day and very warm.

Sunday, June 25, 1911
Took train to Amarillo today and found that my horse had died of blood poisoning.  Came back on the 4:20 this p.m.  Very hot with hot wind still blowing and burning the crops up.
062511 L

Monday, June 26, 1911
Took “Blanche” and “Belle” over to Womble’s this a.m. and came right back.  Ralph Gray was over for dinner.

Tuesday, June 27, 1911
Staid home all day.  Sprinkled a little just after dark.

Wednesday, June 28, 1911
Turned cattle in on my wheat this a.m. as it would not pay to cut it.  Rode pony up town after the mail this p.m.
062811 L

Thursday, June 29, 1911
Walked thru the row crop on Sec. 11 this a.m. and it still looks fine altho a little too thick.  Rode pony up town after the mail this p.m.

Friday, June 30, 1911
Took train to Amarillo today.
063011 L